“Catch me if you can” Stand Ground Rally at Costco/BassPro Parking Lot. Q Army Callout.


We will not lose territory in the Costco parking lot! Lol… we shall stand ground. Patriots Vs Everyone

I invite you to Stand Ground Rally at Costco/BassPro Parking Lot. Q Army Callout at the Costco. https://facebook.com/events/s/stand-ground-rally-at-costcoba/224611978770474/?ti=icl

The store manager lied with false defamatory information to police, the deputies infringed on our civil rights, and Benjamin Horbowy for Florida Senate D3 is going to stand ground.

It was wrong for costco to say I cuss at people or flip them off; I return vile langaige with “bless you” and peace ✌️. It was wrong for the deputies to  infringe on my 1st, 4th, & 14th. They should never threaten arrest like they did. I would like to know the names of all four of the deputies on scene: this report has malicious misinformation and undermining underinformation.

By the way: he NEVER issued a trespass warning. That was a lie on his report.

The original live video has over 5k views

More information: https://benjaminforamerica.wordpress.com/2020/08/03/why-the-double-standard-in-tallahassee/

Best Idea of 2020: SMART FLORIDA. Conservative Grassroots Community Think Tank Provides A Better Way To Learn. #DefundIndoctrination


They are talking about Florida. They are saying we are the best! But they aren’t saying that about Florida’s schools.

Our education is pure liberal indoctrination!

Florida’s schools are just the worst. It’s horrible how they treat the kids in these Democrat government schools.

Florida families deserve better.

(Notice the flag and image placed in this photo of the Smart Florida Founder while teaching an after school program: Executive Leadership at Saint John Paul II High School)

A video of me is on the president’s twitter feed at 2.4m views and my last blog had 100k+ clicks in a day without spending a dollar.

How To Fix Florida: Conservative Community Origination 101

We have an app idea. Smart Florida
It’s more than an app; it’s a conservative platform in Florida that provides community organization for grassroots advocates and patriot educators. It’s a community think tank that helps We The People advance their/our growth.

How To Fix Florida: Executive Leadership Training 202

Would you like to help 10x our momentum while legally & ethically cashing in for providing the community better and smarter solutions?

Help me – to help me – to help you; let’s optimize #WeThePeople. We need to fund this start-up non-profit concept.

Who am I? Benjamin Horbowy
Just a regular dude who holds the record for conservative grassroots votes in North Florida two weeks ago… & some rando who was retweeted by President Donald J. Trump last week …

Our program – Smart Florida – will be ready for presentation by Q4 for grants starting in 2021. I heard the president mention “patriotic education” in his RE-election speech, so this type of project will get traction quickly.

To me – #PatriotEducation sounds like civic education PLUS learning how to advocate single issues or run grassroots campaigns for local representation outside of the establishment. We can provide the type of Patriotic Natural Based Learning that all abilities can enjoy.

(For example: Should the sheriff offer monthly gun safety courses? We can teach you how to advocate for or against any issue “the right way”)

Smart Florida is a platform… not just an app.

We need partners/ co-founders / angel donors.


If we cared about the future of our youth, we would dismantle the department of education and provide the public with a natural based smart learning platform. Let’s teach people how to learn and not just what to memorize…just saying. — Benjamin Horbowy





Top Gun Q [OFFICIAL TRAILER] @850Patriot Maverick Theme Republican For Florida Senate Campaign Launch ElectTheVet.com








Holocaust Polish Survivor’s Grandson Gives Sociological Perspective on CoronaVirus


If there’s a .0005% chance of getting something that I have a 98% chance of surviving (or greater since I drink orange juice), I’ll take my chance in fist bumping you.

I’m not touching your elbow, bro.

Bill Gates in 2015 TedTalk “I’m not sure the cost, but it’ll be modest compared to the lives will save.” Was he selling a solution or a problem?

Bill: We should depopulate the earth.

Also Bill: We can save lives with vaccines.

Know what had a 100% death rate?

The 7 kids in Africa that died last week instantly after Bill Gate’s vaccine was tested on them.

Speaking of Bill…

Btw, We have a friend in Africa who tells the truth, he’s the good Obama. Follow him on twitter @ObamaMalik  Exsodus 8:4. ‬

To the people wearing hazmat suits… I am not the paranoid one.

Are they counting all deaths as corona deaths?

I have YET-TO-SEE a single corona-only-death report from a Medical Examiners autopsy report.

How many Florida deaths have been CERTIFIED as Corona-Virus-ONLY by the state official medical examiner?

And if you don’t think these reports should be public record in a middle of a pandemic… need I remind you of my grandfathers friends?

Not long ago in a land far far away…

German socialist nazis told the public they needed to be cleaned and to go get a shower…

What happened next?

Interesting. It’s similar to the 4 Stages of Islamic Conquest & Muslim Invasions

Here’s the numbers they put out.

🗽Polish Patriots Advocating 1st Amendment🚨

Walmart Car Church Easter Testimony 4-12-2020 by Chaplain Ted, Retired Federal Prison Chaplain.

Full Walmart Parking Lot on #EasterSunday.

Since when do we need govt permission to celebrate Holy Days? Stores are full, churches are closed, barbershops are closed, but abortion centers are open.

Watch Chaplain Ted Talk: https://www.facebook.com/5232996/posts/10115583764572723/?d=n

This is my Dad.
Dad is praying for local family businesses with Easter Carols. He favors fellow immigrants who defected communist occupied countries. Polish and Cubans are friends.

Stand Your Ground

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Benjamin Alexander Thaddeus John Horbowy

U.S. Veteran, Constitutionalist, Christian Conservative, Republican Candidate for Florida Senate District 3.

How to serve a Tallahassee Swamp Lurker County Commissioner Kristin Dozier ‪@KristinEDozier ‬by @850Patriot


This video takes a boring issue and presents it in an educational and entertaining way lol!

Why is Kristin Dozier so hard to get ahold of and why is she defensive to talk to the public?

This was our 1st ever interaction.

Do you think her office is neglectful to the community and hostile to helping the public?

If you live in the Bucklake / Chaires / Capitola Community and having a hard time getting the county to listen to us, you aren’t in it alone.

The struggle is real.

Read the public statement letter to her office.

I found this do-nothing-politician troll under a bridge; she popped up out of nowhere walking out of the woods.

That’s where you can find her during office hours instead of helping the people.

Why was she angry to receive information from her community members?

A good public servant would say, “oh it’s nice to meet someone in my district, how can I help you?”

When her opening line to me was “I won’t be on camera.” Then “My assistant called you.” After not hearing from her office for a year… my polite response to her was:

You’ve Been Served.

Kristin Dozier Public Reputation

She makes over $75,000 a year to do what?

She’s on her third term, does she understand duty?

This is what Tallahassee Reports wrote about her: https://tallahasseereports.com/2017/04/25/county-commissioners-full-or-part-time/

  • Does she have an assistant or a chief of staff?
  • Who does her work when she’s not in the office?
  • What are her ties to the crony local establishment: Scott Maddox, Gwen Graham, Loranne Ausley, Bill Montford, Andrew Gillum, Ben Crump, etc
  • Did you know she’s an insider with MAD DOG construction?
  • How many government construction contracts does Mad-Dog get?
  • What is Mad-Dog spelled backwards?

Drain The Swamp

Tired of do-nothing-politicians telling the public one thing and then only helping out their friends?

Let’s dismantle the good-ole-bully-network!

Support the Tallahassee Swamp Drainer

How many Florida deaths have been CERTIFIED as Corona-Virus-ONLY by the state official medical examiner?


Any CSI Miami Fans Out There?!

After any death, who shows up? The medical examiner.

Let’s get public information from the Official State Doctor / Medical Examiners and not from the mainstream media who have been pushing an agenda of fear. I haven’t seen any press from the medial examiner’s offices, and when I called them today, they are closed (during a pandemic?).

  • Liberty Patriots Call of Action: Do your job as independent media, interview our state local medical examiners, and #FilmYourHospitals.
  • Here’s the link to your Florida Local Examiner.


    We The People Ask Florida Medical Examiners What Real Journalist Should:

    Dear Doctor Medical Examiner,

    • How many deaths have been CERTIFIED as corona-virus-ONLY by the Florida official medical examiner?
    • Are people dying FROM the corona virus or are they dying WITH the corona virus?
    • Are issues like heart attacks or suicides being classified as corona deaths?
    • Are certified corona death autopsies during national pandemics public info?
    • How many autopsies have the Florida medical examiners done related to corona only deaths?
    • Have any elected official verified the local medical numbers or who has been showing leadership for the people during this pandemic?

    Where we go one, we go all @850Patriot

    My reply from the medical examiner:

    We The People Media

    Q used my content and made a remix. It had 25,000+ views on its first day #WWG1WGA.

    They used my face as the cover for Standing Ground Against Corruption. #EmptyHospitals

    I’ll take it as a compliment that our Liberty Campaign of Peace & Justice is getting traction!

    If you would like to contribute to a Christian Constitutional Candidates campaign for help drain the swamp and dismantle the good-ole-bully-network, consider a contribution in this link.

    How is the establishment handing this public health situation?

    Team Montford has his campaign team in every north Florida elected office is both parties. I have named Senator Bill Montford: Florida Director of Human Trafficking.

    Tired of do-nothing-politicians? Let’s vote them out. Loranne Ausley voted against the hurricane recovery budget, but panders to state workers. Has she ever achieved anything?

    Team Montford (Democrat’s) also recruited a Miami retired cop to challenge me in the republican primary. Do we really want a 30 year career Miami cop in Tallahassee? BTW there were 3 Miami police captain in the room of Andrew Gillum’s gay meth orgy where someone overdosed and there weren’t arrest. Do we really want more insider politicians or do we want we the people?

    In other local news.

    Community Report

    Tallahassee City Police Violate Governor’s Order During Corona Virus

    Police Social Gathering the day after Governor Ron DeSantis told public not to engage in gatherings of 10, TPD goes on a social run together in a group of 15-20 at public park showing community disrespect for public health/safety.

    Online matches are on the rise during quarantine: Corona Pick Up Lines

    Fuel the Movement

    Join the People’s Liberty Campaign for Peace & Justice: Donorbox.org/BenjaminForAmerica

    “Florida has too many snakes in the grass within the Republican Party” says @850Patriot #TallahasseeSwampDrainer


    Polish-American-Texan US Veteran says Tallahassee needs Wyatt Earp and Florida needs Jesus.

    Meet Benjamin Alexander Thaddeus John Horbowy, republican candidate for Florida State Senate District 3.

    Dear America,

    My Polish grandpa escaped a nazi prison camp and survived the holocaust.  My dad defected communist occupied Poland and came to this county legally in 1976 as a political refugee in search of religious freedom; he retired from the U.S. Justice Department. My American grandpa fought nazis on the USS Texas in Normandy, Cicely, Africa, and Japan.

    On March 27, 2001, I swore an oath to defend the U.S. constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. In 2020, I am a 37 year old patriot standing ground against socialism in Florida and taking ground for the Fight for Faith Family & Freedom.

    I have identified an area of need. The forgotten coast of Florida has suffered great devastation and moral decay. The president noted this area as the “worst most corrupt city in the states”.

    When you send me to 400 S. Monroe street in Tallahassee to be your Florida Senator, we will protect the constitution, preserve Christian culture and education, and protect life.

    I advocate for #WeThePeople #PeaceAndJustice & #InGodWeTrust


    This Christian Conservative Constitutionalist isn’t liked by local southern republican establishment for being “too much like Trump”

    True Stories In Greater Tallahassee:

    • Did you know the state senate president (R) has received $500,000 from Mike Bloomberg?
    • Did you know the Florida Republican Party leader WROTE THE BILL to allow homosexuals to adopt (enabling human trafficking from the Caribbean)?
    • Did you know the #2-party-boy has called cops on republican candidates when asked to speak on camera about his DUI into a parked cop car?
    • Did know: Local SOEs speak at anti-trump meetings?
    • Did you know: County commissioners forbid Trump-republicans to go to republican RECs?
    • Did you know: Local sheriff deputy just plead guilty to planting drugs on people 100+ times?
    • Did you know: City of Tallahassee recycles police chiefs until the puppet strings work?
    • Did you know: Near every local republican shares a campaign team with the grandmaster democrat whose family is embedded in the school boards.

    No one like these cronies but they vote them in over and over. No one has ever stood up against them .

    Dismantle the good-ole-bully-network

    Tired of it? Well we have a shot to vote them out.

    We have 8 weeks to get a Pro-Life US Veteran Polish American Texan on the ballot who doesn’t tolerate their nonsense.

    Andrew Gillum / Loranne Ausley are merely apprentices in the game.

    Let’s dismantle the Good-ole-bully-network! #VoteBenjamin

    PS Scott Maddox is also running against me and actively filing campaign finance reports… he has 6 figures in the campaign account; what’s that all about?! I’m literally up against a crooked lobbyist, crony lawyer, and a connected-Miami-cop.

    Bro, God shows you your strength by the opponents we share. Tallahassee and Florida has too much to lose not to help with local elections. Consider a monetary contribution here. We could use a 3 month full-size trunk for public advocacy and advertisements as an in-kind donation.

    Does any other republican candidate in Florida have as much flack from fellow “republicans” as I do?!

    Trump DID-TWEET about the corruption in Tallahassee once.

    Why do republicans undermine my campaign?

    Democrats haven’t thrown ANY punches at this Pro-Trump campaign, but Tallahassee republicans have!

    I’m a veteran, prolife, and a HUGE Trump fan (wrote in his name for my vote in 2012).

    Look how foolish a Florida party committeemen can be as he blocks Pro-Trump Pro-Life candidates from republican meetings. Wakulla County Commissioner forbids Trump Supporting US Veteran to attend REC meetings

    Global Masonic Orders are upset at me… that I have been calling out democrats and have a long family history of challenging them in Poland, Israel, and throughout the south.

    Food for thought: Has the republican challenging me ever taken a jab at the democrats: no… but her team has called Trumpers “foil hat wearers” and “political jesters”. A vote for the Miami retired cop #MiamiMarva is actually a vote for #LoranneAusley as Marva is a recruit by #BillMontford‘s lodge.

    Would true republicans be mad at the following:

    – I have identified a treasonous enemy of the state. A crony supervisor of elections who speaks at anti-trump meetings. He is also in charge of cyber security for Florida.

    – Tallahassee is the “worst most corrupt city in the states” according to a Trump tweet. I got the city ethics office to resign; she enabled Gillum and Maddox.

    – Benjamin for Florida Senate D3 waves Trump flags all over North Florida

    – Why is an unpartisan position of supervisor of elections speaking at an anti-Presidential meeting? Do you feel Florida is vulnerable to voter fraud?

    Benjamin Horbowy for Florida Senate D3


    Please consider a contribution DonorBox.org/benjaminForAmerica


    ‼️Patriot Call Of Action‼️

    Help the liberty movement get a pro-life conservative US Veteran get on the ballot.

    I need about 3,500 of these signed with original signatures. PLEASE DO YOUR PATRIOT DUTY and enable #WeThePeople to be on the ballot.

    Print this and send it it. Print multiple and pass them out, do it. Please and thank you. 


    @850Patriot Interviews @WilliamMoore2020

    Benjamin introduces to you new candidates who are pro-term limits.

    2022, 2024, 2026 will bring a wave of new candidates who think two party system is wasting time. We are all pro earth and doing what’s best for humanity. Let’s make the world a better place.

    Listen to the Full Interview of the 18 year old running for local office against the swamp. He is challenging the most corrupt seat and a career political who was appointed to the seat.

    Also in the news this week:

    Tallahassee Mayor in a Miami Drug Feed Sex Party where Gay escort OD’d on crystal meth. What else is new?

    I promise if you elect Benjamin Horbowy for Florida Senate, I will never be in a Gay-Meth-Orgy. Please quote me with that!

    Not many Tallahassee elected officials can say that; I’m different.

    Andrew Gillum is not even a big shit; he’s a little terd. However he is an example of how a small town person can make it to the big stage; pride comes before fall. He lied & threw away his business and family for a Miami-Gay-Meth-Orgy.

    By the way, VISIT FLORIDA promotes this lifestyle. #DefundVisitFlorida

    God Wins! Do Not Fear.

    Add #WWG1WGA on Instagram. Where We Go 1 We Go All. My grandpa on the Dumas side said “All for one; one for all”

    Cost of Victory v Cost of Defeat.

    I don’t know how much it’ll cost to drain the swamp in Florida. I guarantee it’s a modest price for the lives and souls will save. These do-nothing-Democrats aren’t about to start being effective or all of a sudden become honest.

    Here’s how you can help today!

    Commies are Coming! Poland Sends USA Help To Combat The Evil Plague of Socialism.


    The Polish Stand Their Ground.

    Poland Lends Their Brightest Social Engineers To USA To Promote Justice and Defend Liberty: General Tadeusz Kosciuszko and Sir Knight Benjamin Alexander Tadeusz Jon Horbowy

    “As pure a son of liberty as I have ever known” – Thomas Jefferson on Tadeusz (Thaddeus or Ted) Kosciuszko.

    Statue of General Tadeusz Kosciuszko, West Point on Hudson River

    “Jesus Christ is Lord of Our Country”

    Sir Knight Benjamin’s “Benito’s” American grandpa fought Nazis in WW2, his Polish grandpa was a holocaust victim and runaway slave from a Nazi death camp, and his dad was legally labeled an Official Enemy of Socialism before he defected communist occupied. He came to this county legally in 1976 in search for religious freedom as a political refugee. SK Benito’s purpose is to promote the just and tear down the corrupt.

    I’m Benito and this is my blog. My cousins are all still in Poland and was at this march. Before you say we are anti anything, give us the respect to understand we are first PRO-Polish culture, Pro-Family Values, Pro-Life, and Pro- Compassion and Education Poland is the size of Ohio and its been ran over by the Nazis, the communist, and we will not allow Jihadist to invade us. I stand before you today and declare I will not allow socialism to exist, nor will I allow the plague of homosexuality to infect Our Church. Do not forget Jesus because of a Judas; do not give up on the American dream after the dismantling attempt by the first gay President Barack Hussein Obama or his tranny he/she wife! The Polish Nation includes any country founded based on freedom and we are in every Catholic Church in the world because of the Devine Mercy.

    I, Sir Knight Benjamin Alexander Thaddeus John Horbowy aka Benito, am a Polish-American US Veteran (01-07) who grew up in Texas. After living many places in USA, I have made Tallahassee Florida my permanent homestead. Last year I campaigned in every county of Florida’s 67 counties ensuring victories for candidates whom I felt worthy of the cause. I take it personal to defeat any candidate the Nazi-Communist George Soros funds.

    2018, I put thousands of miles on my car and was paid peanuts and per diem if I was paid at all. Swamp Drainers in the Everglades! The Florida RLC is a beacon of hope for the Florida Republican Party. How I worked for Bob White in 2018 and… the rest of the story’s

    2019, My last trip to Texas proved fruitful in bridge building for Liberty. Liberty Train Benito Takes On Pasadena Stinkadena With A Lot More Than Just Febreeze. Don’t Mess With Texas/Benito!

    This wasn’t about social capital or elevating my profile. This is God’s work and fighting Socialism is my God given duty.


    President Trump Visits Poland G20 Summit 7/6/17 (1776 General Tadeusz Kosciuszko helped USA’s Liberation)

    Full Speech: President Trump Delivers HISTORIC Speech to People of Poland in Warsaw at Krasinski Square. OG is often used as slag for “original gangster” but the Authentic OG Original Ghetto is in Poland and OG Benito’s family still lives there.

    Poland’s Missiles Are Strongest In The World. The Polish Nation Stands Our Ground!

    President Trump reinstated what the treasonous islamic terrorist promoter Hussein Obama dismantled. It was one of his first priorities when he got into office.

    Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak attends the signing ceremony for a deal to buy Raytheon Co’s Patriot missile defence system in Warsaw, Poland, March 28, 2018.

    WARSAW March 2018 – Poland signed the largest arms procurement deal in its history on Wednesday, agreeing with the United States to buy Raytheon Co’s (RTN.N) Patriot missile defense system for $4.75 billion in a major step to modernize its forces against a bolder Russia.

    It is an extraordinary, historic moment; it is Poland’s introduction into a whole new world of state-of-the-art technology, modern weaponry, and defensive means,” President Andrzej Duda said during the signing ceremony.

    NATO member Poland has accelerated efforts to overhaul its ageing weaponry following Moscow’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula in 2014. Two-thirds of Poland’s weaponry dates from the Cold War era when it was in the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact.

    The previous month, Russian President Vladimir Putin unveiled an array of new nuclear weapons, saying they could hit almost any point in the world and evade a U.S.-built missile shield.

    The Polish Nation and Poland is the first and best line of defense against damn commies!

    Benito Address the International Polish Nation

    Sir Knight Benito Stands His Ground. How he got the name Tallahassee Swamp Drainer.

    I won’t give my resume… I’ve been there done that and was the best at doing it. I specialize in winning and don’t know how to lose. I’ve seen the world and met the most interesting people, mostly because of my dad, Deacon Tadeusz Horbowy (Thaddeus or Chaplain Ted). My dad can riddle nearly every trivia question about Poland’s rich history. I present to you my dad, Ted The Great; he is giving private tours around Poland and soon to Japan following in the foots steps of St Maximilian Kolbe.

    I am pro-Catholic, pro-liberty, pro-justice, pro-life, pro-family, pro-compassion, and pro-natural life long learning. I am anti-socialism, anti-bulling, anti-corruption.

    I am one of the youngest if not the youngest Chapter Presidents for Boots on The Ground Bikers for Trump! We are 70,000 liberty train patriot riders strong and when we come to town, we provide a wall of meat. Law enforcement loves us as we protect the community from commies, antifa, and other nonsense.

    My dad is an official enemy of socialism, and I have been on the wrong side of local justice. A public official once had me served with papers ordering me to court with an injunction attempt because I spoke a prayer that she called hate speech! I stood my ground, there’s video after the next batch of photos.

    A few photos of my journey before being recruited into Boots On The Ground Bikers For Trump

    Where did the name Tallahassee Swamp Drainer come about?

    While advocating for the Florida Republican Liberty Caucus in 2018, people were calling me a swamp drainer. I vow to get snakes out of grassroots campaigns and am undefeatable. When I took on the corrupt city hall in 2019, they called me the Tallahassee Swamp Drainer. When I went to Texas Q1 2019, the name caught on as it identifies where this Polish-American Texas-Floridian calls home: Tallahassee at the end of Old Bumpy Road.

    How did I do against the Tallahassee Establishment?

    It’s not over… this story will continue with an army behind me. Long story short, I said this prayer at a City Commission Retreat and was ran out of the parking lot and a false report was filed with the court as the City Ethics Officer slandered my name calling what I said “hate speech”.

    After I wrote to the Governor and asked him to fulfill his promise of removing a public serpent who’s one job was to ensure local politicians do their duties ethically. Under her watch, I can count more than 50 ways she is installing Socialism in Florida. I asked her to politely resign and she sent cops to my house with an attempted court order to unconstitutional he deny my freedom of speech and weaponize the court by preventing me to attend public meetings at city hall. I Have Become The Poster Boy of Deep State Bullying Citizens in the case of Deep State vs Liberty Patriot

    This video shows me going after the snake in the grass, the City Unethics Czar I

    🧐What happened at the city ethics board meeting … Round 2 Swamp vs Patriot. A lose for the community 😕 The board said they have no jurisdiction over the ethics czar since she’s their boss, good thing it’s in the state’s hands! There will be a round 3; we are 1-1. The Tallahassee Ethics Board labeled the City Ethics Bully calling my prayer “hate speech” as… “advice to a community member”

    What’s next? Benito Helped Make Florida Great Again by campaigning for Governor Ron DeSantis, now he will help defend liberty in 2020 and make strides to Make The Catholic Church Great Again!

    I have a mission and the tools needed for success… or at least the list of tools needed for success. We need funding; my family wishes to opening up an international ministry, both dad and I have a book to publish, I have a portfolio of non-profit executive directors who I coach for business development, and it’s time for my family to take our talents to the world. We need funding… but I’m not asking for that now. Right now I’m asking for help to get my chapter some start up Capital. What do we need the money for? Marketing materials for recruitment, solid riot gear, and the Chapter President who has a military service head injury can not ride a two wheeled bike therefore he needs funds for a Presidential quality trike to lead his crew with flags blazing from the bike while blasting Johnny Cash “Riders In the Sky”.

    Please consider supporting GoFundMe.com/LibertyPatriot

    Order Your Custom Boots On The Ground Made To Measure From The Shoe Daddy BootFamily.org 850-565-9333 (a start up)

    Civil Holy War is Coming to the Catholic Church and WW3 May Ignite With Homosexual Being The Driving Evil Force.

    Vision: Holy Smokes Up Church, Liberty Ministries of Hope.

    Benito with the Brothers of Hope and an Executive Director of a governmental Pro-life Organization. I told her to do it more effectively, we will have to do it as an independent non-profit free of government grants. She told me they need ultrasound machines… once our ministry is established, we will focus on projects like that while planting seeds of wisdom and compassion around the world: for example…

    Who are the Brothers of Hope to me?

    In 2013 FSU Dean of Students Adam Goldstein had my grades changed after I graduated to fail my courses and retract my degree. I wrote “The optimal environment to raise children is in a loving Christian home between a man and wife” he called it hate speech. He sent cops to my house and had them follow me around campus. Once the campus police tried to arrests me because after I witnessed our American Ambassador being murdered and dragged through the street. I said in class that “WW3 is coming” and the dean of students wanted to use that quote to baker act me claiming I was a threat to the learning community by advocating violence. That was a lie; I was merely stating what I see coming. Out of no where!… the brothers of hope showed up and protected me. They invited me to their hope and gave me dinner. God sends his people at the right time when you most need them. This with the brothers was a few days ago as I’m going through recovery of the 2nd time a liberal called my Catholic teachings “hate speech”. They just showed up! While I was at a cigar lounge that featured cigars branded with prayer cards called Regina Cigars created by Peter Bond.

    This feminist bottom-male to his man-hating wife was my college bully. Dean Goldstein told me to stop listening to talk radio and change the narrative. I changed the narrative alright- I helped get President Donald J Trump elected and last week he signed an order to mandate colleges to allow free speech or lose their funding. In 2018, I campaigned around Florida and brought to town a new Gov, AC, AG, CFO, and now we have Boots on the Ground Tallahassee Bikers for Trump.

    What about the Holy War?

    I have a spiritual battle on two fronts… it’s taking God given talent to do all this. I am on record May this white smoke bring us a new Pope

    Our current Pope went to Greece to tell christians to be nice to Muslims; he did not go to Iran and tell Muslims to be nice to Christians.

    I published this invalid confession by US Catholic Conference President Cardinal DiNardo’s Executive Priest Secretary. Since he doesn’t not quality to be a priest, I am doing the exact opposite of what he instructed me to do when I said I have witnessed bad priest being emotional and spiritual abuse to the community. He told me to be silent… to that I don’t just say no thank you, I say HELL NO THANK YOU! Our church needs a cleansing from the filth the Nazi Pope and Argentina Gay Pope brought to our church. We will make the church great again!

    I was Bishop Parkes Public Relations laymen minister when he was in Tallahassee. I told him about bad priests who are now defrocked. His advise to me was to leave Tallahassee. I went to Tampa and he later followed me. His Executive Priest Secretary has recently left the church all together. Where did he go and why? Why does Bishop Parkes block me on Twitter now?

    To be continued…

    It’ll be a full story in my book “Post Traumatic Growth – A Midlife Memoir – How to Grow Orchards in the Swamp. But I need funding!!! I can only do one project at a time; right now it is imperative that we fund my chapter: Boots On The Ground Florida Capital Bikers for Trump. My Vice President is also Polish American and we will defend Florida with everything we have with prayers of support from the Polish Nation!

    Please consider supporting GoFundMe.com/LibertyPatriot

    Will the #TallahasseeSwampDrainer be called to the KofC HQ, Poland, or the Vatican … I can’t wait to find out. Living with God in your heart is a constant feeling that something awesome is about to happen!

    But what there’s more! This one is just for fun. Benito plants Polish Flag on top of Florida Capital with music by Jack Black’s Polka King

    The Most Authentic Texas Benito Boots by Bobby Made to Order


    🗽🚂🇺🇸 Presidential Liberty Boots Starting at $10k with matching belt and holster.

    Why are CEOs and Politicians in line with orders? It’s for more than to say they have boots that cost ten grand; every boot sold helps advocate criminal justice & prison reform while proceeds go to empower former inmates. Iron horse saddles available.

    George Bush has a pair and so does the top US Marshal. I’ll order a pair for President Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis.

    I devised myself a plan that should be the envy of most any man. Custom made Texan boots made by former Texas inmates.

    Presidents, Governors, US Marshals, Texas Rangers, or anyone who wants to be a Texan wears these boots.

    🎼 You’ll know it’s me when I come through your town! I’m gonna ride around in style! I’m gonna drive everybody wild because I’ll have the only one there is around. 🎶 Johnny Cash

    I Have Become The Poster Boy of Deep State Bullying Citizens in the case of Deep State vs Liberty Patriot


    🐍 Deep State vs Liberty Patriot 🚂🗽

    It just got real folks, she sent two sheriffs in SUV’s to my house a systematic method to intimidate me. I couldn’t be more blessed: the deep state is taking me to court for being the #TallahasseeSwampDrainer and an active patriot. #LetsCleanUpTallahassee.

    Deep State vs We The People

    CASE NO: 2019 DR 000293 2/12/2019 9am

    City Ethics Officer vs Liberty Patriot


    National Headlines for stupidity… again.

    My statement replying to the Judge and CCee to the state ethics board regarding systematic abuse by the Tallahassee City Ethics Officer

    As community evidence piles up against City Ethics Officer, her victim of online bullying requests her polite resignation.


    Community advocate sends firm call-of-action and request support. Benito presents text book liberty play: How to blow whistle on corruption! I call for her resignation; she should have been the one bringing this to light.

    Dear City Ethic’s Board. It’s been 3 days since my complaint. The only communication I have heard was asking for more information. The community does not trust the Ethics Officer and I politely request a hearing against the online bullying by her towards a member of the local community. I expect a response with the next steps of my concern. This issue will not go away until the Ethics Officer stands down or is dismissed.

    Kindly, Benito.


    Hey Tallahassee ‼️ Put this in your pipe and smoke it💨

    People are sending me very interesting info about the city ethics officer since my ethics complaint about her: including inside info about sealed cases, questionable relationships, and other stuff that doesn’t seem right from someone in charge of ethics. Further down in the blog, I’ll share with you some things from the community as well as the first correspondence from the city.

    🤔 It seems a bit shady what they asked of me without mentioning anything about a hearing.

    Not to mention her ONE JOB was to sniff out unethical activity and she didn’t notice 44 counts of illegal behavior from a city commissioner … really?! Also now Andrew Gillium has been found having probably cause for unethical Where Was The Local Investigative Media?!

    Yesterday, I replied to the board who asked for more info on my complaint of unethical practices by the City Ethics Officer. I did and I asked her to politely resign as I provided ADDITIONAL unethical behavior from her AFTER my complaint. The city needs confidence in our public servants. All my communication is public record and I’m not trying to smear anyone’s name, but the community needs confidence in our public servants.

    I may need a legal team since I’m poking at the establishment. I’m just a lone Polish American liberty patriot with no financial backing or agenda other than for smart community growth. #LetsCleanUpTallahassee


    Send them your opinion, send your honest humble opinion to all these email addresses, so the community can all be on the same page by keeping this matter in the sunshine:

    Should the Ethics Officer resign?

    Can the community trust the ethics board if she’s involved?

    Would it be healthy for the community if we could grow without threats from public servants?

    Do you want to keep the status quo of the backroom old money establishment or do you want to drain the swamp?

    Should term limits be in place for city and county commissioners?

    AdvisoryBoards@talgov.com, Ethics@talgov.com, Ron.desantis@eog.myflorida.com, William.Hamrick@talgov.com, benjaminhorbowy@gmail.com.

    City Ethics Officer Accuses Me Of “Hate Speech” after I said the serenity prayer at the city retreat.

    Do you see any “hate speech”? That’s a harsh term to be throwing around! She put my safety at jeopardy with her anti-Catholicism rhetoric.

    First correspondence from the city since my complaint

    On Jan 24, 2019, at 3:38 PM, Hamrick, Mike <William.Hamrick@talgov.com> wrote:

    If you are willing, can you provide me the threatening emails between you and Meadows-Keefe?

    W. Michael Hamrick
    Office of the City Attorney

    They sent a paralegal at me thinking I’m a moron… to see if I was represented. Any lawyer would have said not to respond and answer them in court. I don’t have a lawyer but I’m a damn good chess player! Send me a lawye; until then, I’m going with the current political theme of 2019: ill advised and hilarious. I’m doing this all in the court of public opinion! Can we trust the Tallahassee ethics board if she isn’t asked to resign?!


    RE: From Me

    CC Ethics Board, Officer of Governor

    Thank you for responding.

    Now I understand you received my communication. Here is a link to other links for documents of this matter and the screenshot of her communication is on my ethics complaint pdf. For the record she blocked me on LinkedIn after I responded to her bullying and later unblocked me after I blogged about this.

    I don’t see that type of behavior as consistent with the ideal actions of an ethical ethics officer, nor does the community trust anyone who did not know this 44 acts of illegal activity under her watch.

    In my humble opinion that is shared by many as I have brought this issue to the sunshine, the most respectful thing she can do is resign immediately.

    The community would grow if public servants were threatening the community.


    Thank you for your service Mr. Hammock.

    Let’s clean up Tallahassee,

    Respectfully and kindly

    Liberty Patriot
    Benjamin Alexander “Benito”

    But wait there’s more!

    Here’s more questionable actions and input by the community.

    She wrote to me on LinkedIn instead of public access email. I sent in an ethics complaint. Then she blocked me. I guess the advisors told her public officials can’t do that, so she unblocked me. Ethic behavior by the City Ethics Officer? Once Andrew Gillum blocked me and I wrote to the city about it and they made him upblock me.

    I don’t want to spread rumors or gossip.

    I was troubled about this spiritual burden I was about to face if I opened this can of worms. I even went to speak to my priest. As I waited I thought “who are these guys to give me advice about secrets?”! I listened to my heart and that voice deep inside me said go for it. Make Tallahassee Great Again!

    Someone emailed me this… I didn’t go looking for trouble and I didn’t go snooping for more dirt on the city ethics officer. It found me; I am only defending myself. I wish this didn’t happen to me, but it did and I have no choice but to air out the dirty laundry in the sunshine.

    My dad taught me, “if you play with shit, your hands will stink.” I do not wish to be in the middle of this. I already had plans to apply for the ethics board when this all came to be.

    You know what kind of ridicule I’m going to get from the digital whacktivist mobs for going after this sweet looking lady- no joke she kinda looks like the blonde dumb playing woman at the Cavanaugh hearings. Meanwhile, I’m this huge hockey player army guy who likes beer with a rap sheet that I have made public record of being a brut #BenitoTheBull. Unlike Justice Cavanaugh, I don’t have any calendars to protect me: just this blog and the supreme court of public opinion.
    It’s me vs this old lady who looks like a fossil; that can’t be good for my brand or image as a media entrepreneur who is trying to launch the CoolestCompanyEver.com I need to be clean, compliant, and close to the community.
    This is a 110% democrat ran small southern old money town of 5 people playing hacky-sac with $5000 and I’m over here with a Polish Flag and a Trump sign in my yard trying to make it legal to grow interesting things… all I need to lose everything is them-suits sending the mob-squad8 deep planting stuff in my car. (they do that here in the SOUFF)
    Here’s what some people in the community sent me, so there’s people who don’t trust her and for every one person who comes forward, I’m sure there’s 300 more:

    Here’s a story about blah blah blah: sealed records with no names and the story is published by the Tallahassee Democrat who never once brought to light the behaviors of the crooked politicians who are now facing trials.. Someone sent this  to me:


    If she wants to mess around, that’s her business. Personally I don’t care what she does on her off time, (I am not a perfect Christian and have 0% judgement of others) but apparently people in the community have some animosity towards her. The community has lost trust in her.


    Send them your opinion, send your honest humble opinion to all these email addresses, so the community can all be on the same page by keeping this matter in the sunshine:

    Should the Ethics Officer resign?

    Can the community trust the ethics board if she’s involved?

    Would it be healthy for the community if we could grow without threats from public servants?

    Do you want to keep the status quo of the backroom old money establishment or do you want to drain the swamp?

    Should term limits be in place for city and county commissioners?

    AdvisoryBoards@talgov.com, Ethics@talgov.com, Ron.desantis@eog.myflorida.com, William.Hamrick@talgov.com, benjaminhorbowy@gmail.com.

    Bonus Blog Content

    🇺🇸 The Liberty Train 🚂 started in Poland 🇵🇱

    When Benito first went to motherland Poland, he was 5. When he returned at age 7… communists were gone 😉 Benito was born to fight commies. #Florida2020 the commies are coming!


    Those types of demons can only be dealt with thru pray. The Lord’s work is at hand and victory shall be ours. #ProLife #LibertyTrain


    “Lord shine your light on me

    That was the gospel song that touched my heart ❤️ when I attended Bethel Missionary Baptist Church Tallahassee 1-23-19 and Rev. Dr. JB Holmes ordained me a “true brother”. Then he told the congregation “Trump’s evil wall is keeping those people from their food stamps and diapers for their babies.” #ThisLittleLightOfMine 

    Women hate it when you use their own words against them….

    But it’s so FUN tho! 🤣😂😇

    This truck was hit by a train.

    Photo taken when I was serving the community the two months after Hurricane Micheal. Making Mexico Beach Great Again


    Community Grows Commerce SmartFlorida.org


    Send them your opinion, send your honest humble opinion to all these email addresses, so the community can all be on the same page by keeping this matter in the sunshine:

    Should the Ethics Officer resign?

    Can the community trust the ethics board if she’s involved?

    Would it be healthy for the community if we could grow without threats from public servants?

    Do you want to keep the status quo of the backroom old money establishment or do you want to drain the swamp?

    Should term limits be in place for city and county commissioners?

    AdvisoryBoards@talgov.com, Ethics@talgov.com, Ron.desantis@eog.myflorida.com, William.Hamrick@talgov.com, benjaminhorbowy@gmail.com.

    To be continued… follow the blog for the latest updates on Benito’s adventures.

    As I heard Dr. Rev. JB Holmes say this week as he passed the plate, “I’m in the church business.” Well, I’m in the unity business of bringing people together and connecting dots and making things happen.

    I have been saying this prayer as I walk through this valley.

    Lord, if this is your will… May I be your soldier for good. If this is your will… send me a sign that I’m doing this the right way. Lord, if this is your will… I’ll keep following my heart. Jesus I trust in you to guide me… to strength me… and lead me to salvation. Give me the tools and team need I need. I have nothing to offer but my Faith is for you and you only. Amen 🙏

    To help fund legal fees to fight corruption, I ask the community for your prayers and support. It’s me vs Goliath. It’s innovation vs old money. It’s we the people vs a swamp of demons & a plague to humanity. #TallahasseeSwampDrainer #LibertyTrain

    I ask for any support:… gas money, upcoming legal fees, my teeth need to be fixed, deposit for an office: anything would help. Thank you, friends. I’m doing this for the community.



    img_1519 2img_1575






    Send them your opinion, send your honest humble opinion to all these email addresses, so the community can all be on the same page by keeping this matter in the sunshine:

    Should the Ethics Officer resign? 

    Can the community trust the ethics board if she’s involved?

    Would it be healthy for the community if we could grow without threats from public servants? 

    Do you want to keep the status quo of the backroom, old money establishment, or do you want to drain the swamp?

    Should term limits be in place for city and county commissioners? 

    AdvisoryBoards@talgov.com, Ethics@talgov.com, Ron.desantis@eog.myflorida.com, William.Hamrick@talgov.com, benjaminhorbowy@gmail.com. 


    I ask for any support…

    Gas money, upcoming legal fees, my teeth need to be fixed, deposit for an office: anything would help.

    Thank you, friends.

    I’m doing this for the community.



    Benito, independently owned and operated


    And now… Brother Benjamin will lead us home with some African spiritual black hyhms “Were you there” followed by some reggae “one step closer to you”



    I work at the CoolestCompanyEver.com


    If you love what you do, you’ll never work again. Introducing Social Cannabis Club Florida: Florida’s First THC Lounge in Tallahassee.


    To help each other convalesce, recover, recuperate, and grow a smart Florida.
    What Are We
    A private membership social club for Florida legal cannabis and hemp medical patients. Together, we support each other with compassion and companionship.
    We offer a safe haven to socialize with fellow compassionate patients. We provide educational seminars, entertaining socializing, and group support.

    Check out the CoolestCompanyEver.com’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/floridathc/

    We are releasing 100 Limited Charter Lifetime Memberships Prelaunch. $500 each and you’ll have access for life into the social club and exclusive future offers in the future. If you wish to sponsor others (Sponsorships for veterans or your friends). Doors open 4/20/2019 and Charter Members will have input on the 1st physical venue.

    Join The Club HERE


    Brought to you by Benito, the one and only CEO@SmartGreenIndustries.com 850-565-WEED

    If the Bees Die, we die! Who’s making a buzz about it?


    Who’s advocating for bee health and ecosystem wellness?

    Let’s grow a smart Florida together. Community Grows Commerce!

    How can we all contribute to optimizing our Florida ecosystem and help the bees? There’s a group of community advocates who are starting to make a lot of buzz in Tallahassee. Here’s how to help! 


    Please follow SmartFlorida.org for community advocacy news.

    What is SmartFlorida.org? We are community advocates with a media plan.


    smartflorida bannerSmartFlorida.org is based in Capitola, Tallahassee Florida. This is a community start-up launching in Q1/2019 lead by “Benito” Benjamin Alexander of BenitoConnects.com CEO@SmartGreenIndustries.com. Our goal is promote good things that are healthy and smart for Florida… that’s all.

    We listen to the community of Florida with an open heart and contribute with compassion when called. Benito has many groups, lists, and communities his message is embedded in. Currently, December 14, 2018 this is a one man band with limited funds for this project. However, from my exposure with MangroveRootsMedia.com, I know there’s a true need for boutique media outlets in Florida and advocates within the community.

    If you want to help the cause, we are looking for board members, investors, and community advocates.

    Q1 Media Plan:

    Be a staple in the capital building during session, interview on video spokespeople of numerous groups who are visiting Tallahassee, run featured written articles syndicated to news networks, and help spotlight those who are helping the cause of liberty, community, and commerce.

    I live in Tallahassee in Capitola on Old Bumpy Road east of town and am open for conversation 727-249-2272. If you have a great idea that’s good for Florida, he’d love to hear about it Submit Your Solution

    I like to make short and sweet videos that educate as well as entertain. 


    Half of the County Government was Arrested in North Florida | Conservative Community Organizers are Searching for Non-establishment Grassroots Candidates

    I’m sending a flare from North Florida

    Patriot Call Of Action

    There’s a county that was ran over by Hurricane Michael two years ago…

    That town was crawling with swamp lurkers and they misused the tax money and mishandled the recovery efforts.

    Half of the commission and the mayor was arrested this week as well as the accountants and lawyers connected to the local politicians. They will need a government and there should be a special election soon. I assume outsiders are welcome- would you like to help drain the swamp and move to Panama City for two years?

    I want to fix the state…
    -Reform Education/ Defund Indoctrination
    -Rebuild the Workforce
    -Grow Hemp As Far As The Eye Can See
    -Bring Space Force Base to Florida
    -VR Space Force Academy/Camp

    If you feel the same and would like to put a horse in a special political race to help drain the swamp, I’d like to speak with you. 850-565-9333

    I was there the day after the storm hit. Here’s how it was… 🌪 Look what we found in the rubble?