Making Mexico Beach Great Again

Panama City Florida— There I was…. in the disaster zone! The place looked like an atomic bomb went of. People we wandering the streets crying, looking for food, and in pure shock at what we were witnessing.

Hurricane Michael was a Category 5! Wind speeds were officially reported 155 mph, but private monitors reported sustained winds of 170 mph with gusts over 200 mph. Regardless of semantics due to political agendas, the hurricane snapped forest of trees like toothpicks. The landscape has been devastated. Groups came to help make the area great again, I got a first hand look!

I was there helping people, making it possible for resources to get to them, and providing rides to voting stations. First I helped with 10 Can Inc, a veteran group who came to lumber jack so first responders could do their jobs. Then, on the final weekend before the midterm election, we helped people go vote with Operation Panhandle Vote organized by Florida Family Action Council. I continued the humanitarian mission with Catholic Charities after the election.

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I posted photos of the perseverance shown by the community to get to the polls after the hurricane. This offended Facebook.

My liberty efforts has been flagged by Facebook and that account has been blocked from posting, commenting, or using messengers for 3 days (until after the election).

If you silence the crowds, even the stone themselves would waken to rejoice 🗳 … and vote

Here is my my old account that I reopened today to make this declaration from the top of the summit over the seas… I invite you to add me. (link goes to my Facebook video made live Nov 4th 2018


Benjamin Alexander Horbowy

Reflection Vlog November 3, 2018

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