A bit about Benito. Who is this guy? What is MangroveRoots Media


Benito meets people and connects dots.

He’s a one man think tank, community organizer, and communications consultant. Benito has a story telling talent. He enjoys sharing short and sweet videos that say not much and a lot at the same time.

A bit on Benito. Interesting facts about an unique individual.

Get The Snakes Out of the Grass

  • Vision: To be a source providing a method of delivery for good news while advocating community and commerce through syndicated multimedia outlets.
  • Mission:  To contribute to the world being a better place by providing truthful media.

Florida has a special ecosystem that mangroves thrive in. Also we have a tangled political system with snakes in the grassroots campaigns. Benito knows these waters and the community. That’s the meaning behind the name MangroveRoots Media.

MangroveRoots Media provides exclusive or non-exclusive digital content for community members, local businesses, and public associations to effectively communicate their positive messages. We are a full service public relations agency that can manage on-going campaigns while embedding your narrative into the community conversation.

Benjamin Alexander “Benito” can be your communications director. MangroveRootsMedia.com

Benito was instrumental in Florida political campaigns 2018.

There’s snakes in the grass. MangroveRoots Media helped drain the swamp. Benito was trusted to deliver authentic narratives, untwisted communications, and field team management. Benito was behind the scenes organizing distribution of information and sometimes the only non-politician on stage as a surrogate speaker

  • Gubernatorial primary
  • State elections
  • County elections
  • 14 total campaigns
  • 8 district supervisors
  • 67 county coordinators
  • 6 months, every weekend on the road
  • Benito can savvily syndicate your message


Benito with Congressmen Matt Gaetz after the spin room at the Florida Sunshine Summit
Coffee & donuts with Senator Jeff Brandes. Field team organization. Common Sense Solutions.
Benito with field team leaders and coalition directors. He’s a people person.
Before Benito did political campaigns, he was a photojournalist for the church. His ministry is multimedia inspired by the patron saint of multimedia, St Maximilian Kolbe was the first to share scripture over the airwaves.

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