Sounds Simple: Grow Community by Sharing Videos. (Benito makes it look easy.)

How To Make An Inspiring Sales Video Look Like A Walk In The Park

3 Elements of a Shareable Video

  1. Interesting and entertaining.
  2. Informative of your cause and community.
  3. Show your positive culture; inspire by being fully alive and authenticity living your best life.

We love when people watch our media, comment on our videos, but people sharing your message to their social circle is the gold of multimedia. If you’d like help delivering your story, I’d love to help. I posted everything you need to know to get started working with me here at

Questions from the audience

Some of you have asked:

  • How do I make my videos interesting or entertaining?
  • How can I embed my message into the community conversation?
  • How are boutique media companies like MangroveRoots Media bridging the communication gap into micro local communities?
  • What is this “positive culture… being fully alive… authenticity living… and best life” you talk about?

I’d love to answer all your questions. How to start this process, I laid it out very clearly and easy to follow.

How to grow your commerce community with fundamental ABCs

I start all my presentations by saying what I’m there for and how I’m going to close the meeting.

“The last thing I’m going to do today is try to sell you something. I’m here to educate.” — Benito

A) Attention: Give them the ole razzle dazzle

B) Show And Tell: Educate the public, display your value, and give an example of the goods.

C) Demo / Sell I told you the last thing I was going to was sell you something. well this is the Last part of the blog, but I’m not trying to sell you anything. I just want to educate you on how to grow your community of commerce customers through #MangroveRoots media strategies. Here’s a video displaying everything that you just read in 30 seconds.

How to do it like Benito: visit

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