One Month After Benito’s Journey Started

3 Days in Tampa Bay

A month after my My Journey Began Nov 4, 2018, I found myself back home in Tampa Bay from Tallahassee and the north Florida Panhandle from Making Mexico Beach Great Again with 

Benito visits home after a month in the woods. 34 days  after his recovery journey started.

After three days of getting some great footage and connecting dots in the wonderful playground that is Tampa Bay, I see that Tallahassee is going to be a wonderful place for my next projects. During Session, all the Florida advocates visits the Florida capital. I plan on interviewing as many as I can on camera.

If you have a great idea for Florida, I’d love to hear about it

Tampa Bay Things-To-Do

Connected Locals with Snowbirds

MangroveRoots Media produced a 30 seconds clip for a local community activity and shared it in the facebook group Benito hosts with about 8k locals called Tampa Bay Things-To-Do.

MangroveRoots Media shared a local community update to the coastal bicycle community called Friends of Pinellas County

Virtual Drone Coastal Ride Tampa Bay

Ever seen a virtual drone? #Relive app provided the footage, Benito provided the adventure.

Benito Sunday Vlog/Blog

It was great to be back in Tampa Bay. I regrouped with family, took dad to the airport for his flight to Poland, and spent time with my mom on her birthday. As I’m blogging this, I’m about to get ready for my trip back to Tallahassee to start the next chapter of life.

Merry Christmas Horbowy Family Photo 2018, Tampa Bay Airport
Dad Says Hi From Poland Dec 6, 2018



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