Tallahassee is Draining The Swap One Arrested Politician After Another

As Benito arrives back to his hometown of Tallahassee, the crooked politicians are getting picked off one by one and arrested. Is this coincidence? Let’s class up Tallahassee, get the snakes out of the grass, and make media great again!

I was invited to sit in on a show for Real Talk 93.3. Patty Wilson with Patty’s Playhouse invited me; you may remember her from the scope we did Smile You’re Speeding on Meemaw’s Camera. She has a radio show that’s about Real Estate With A Happy Ending. Today, she and the whole town was talking about the politician arrests that’s going on in Tallahassee.

I say it’s divine timing because I’ve always said Tallahassee was a special type of political mud puddle with three guys playing hacky sack with $5,000. Now that I just came off of several state and local political campaigns, I see my talents of sharing positive news and true facts are needed. MangroveRoots Media is a boutique public relations media company that’s here to help others spread their messages.

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