Where Was The Local Investigative Media?!

This was going on for 8 years, yet … the local news outlets knew nothing? Or just reported nothing?

As corporate media outlets have decreasing viewerships, al la carte media is on the rise. For example in Tallahassee Florida, local politicians are being picked off and hauled off in shackles. It’s a comedy show and the puddles of mud are being drained!

One reason for this fresh flowing bursts of good news is the overall development of communications within micro communities. Beyond talk radio, there’s social media groups, mailing lists, and good old fashioned conference calls. Every association needs media exposure, but who is trustworthy with the message or who can deliver it to everyone that needs to hear it?

Commonsense Solutions

Boutique media outlets such as The Tampa Post, Media Mogul, and MangroveRootsMedia.com offer quality and integrity…. as well as: reach, exposure, green screen recording, field reporting, and strategic distribution.

Before it was Saturday Night Liberal, SNL used to be funny.

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