A Fresh Perspective in Tallahassee Mud-puddle Politics #WeBackSchack

Tallahassee is a special kind of puddle of political mud; it’s 3 people playing hacky-sack with $5,000.

It’s about to change for a good way! I made a promise to help get the snakes out of grassroots campaigns and promote noble patriots.

An Open Letter the Tallahassee Mayor & City Commissioners who are selecting Appointment for the Vacant City Commission Seat

Syndicated in Local Newspaper Tallahassee Democrat Community Blog http://blogs.tallahassee.com/community/2018/12/20/benitoconnects/

Dear Tallahassee Politicians,

Please be prudent in selecting the appointee for the commissioner seat. We need a good one; we need someone who is of the people, speaks their mind, and isn’t afraid to say something that isn’t popular. We want an honest go-getter who loves the community.

As the new year come, it will come with one last political appointee seat to be named in Tallahassee. To say it’s been a rough year for the locals would be an understatement. The largest storm this generation has seen hit the area is only one of the traumatic experiences we are dealing with: the football team had a losing year for the first time in forever, the democrat local mayor lost the state governor race, the republican local leader who was favorited to be the state party leader got arrested after hitting a parked car, and 44 counts of mafia-like charges was read before a judge while the city commissioner was in shackles and arrested. A state highway official even stepped down this week for sending state worker crews to clear storm junk from her property in Georgia. It’s been rough for honest, hard working locals to read these types of new stories. It’s hard for us who have been on the wrong side of government and knows how it feels to be victimized as citizens by bad administration.

Tallahassee needs a win.

Tallahassee needs recovery.

Tallahassee needs some fresh air! 

Enough with crooked, mud puddle politicians… enough with mediocre non-winning attitudes that caused our representatives to bring shame to our community and lead our team to a losing year. We need someone to rally up the community, someone who we trust, and someone who puts the needs of others before their own.

This was a midterm campaign year and more hype has been around local elections this year than many of us have ever seen before. Emotionalism, debating within parties, and separative speech was embedded into the narrative. Tallahassee is the most divided town I’ve ever seen; I pray for leadership to come to Tallahassee that can start building our community to grow together. This year, I have spent every weekend on the road around the state for various political campaigns and organization outreach events making sure snakes are out of grass root campaigns, underdogs get fair share of media time, and keeping in-check fellow political operatives from other campaigns calling out their dirty tricks . If Florida could have two options to vote for between a sack of fire ants and an ice cream cone, the turn out would still be 49.5% vs 49.5%. This appointment is very different. The fellow county commissioners and the mayor get to pick who they want to work with. May God be with them in this decision making time and give us a leader who will grow this community.

I love this town, I moved here after the army and I’ve been here since 2002-2015… returning in 2018 with a long term vision. I live in the county, but not within the city limits or else I would apply for the job. Since I am not eligible, I vow to help whoever is selected however possible. Below are a list of applicants. I looked at the resumes, added people on linkedin/facebook and email introduced myself to a few. We had several nonpolitical-stereotypes apply: TCC students, under-employed, over-employed, Lawyers, Hooter Girls, and of course career politicians. Some of the resumes look like they will take any job that comes their way, and some of them look like they have so many jobs that I don’t know how they can serve the community first before checking in with all the other groups they work for (who probably pay better). Some of these candidates are very qualified, yet within their resume show extreme lack of common sense with community relations or fiscal responsibly. This will not be an easy selection for the panel. The serenity prayer, I suggest for anyone in charge of this selections.

Personally, while I see several great candidates… many I would support, I back Schack. One person stood out to me, I met with him, and heard a savvy competence that I know Tallahassee would benefit from. William “Bill” Schack works at the shelter and food kitchen for the homeless; he comes from a long career in the food industry. This job of commissioner does things like financial reporting of resources, juggles with coordination with multiple organizations within the community, and put the needs of others before their own. Schack does this daily as he opens and closes the industrial kitchen. Many people already know him from his campaign for city commissioner this year; he’s done the work needed to be successful in this role. He even advocates going to the volunteer police academy. When I showed him a video clip taken last month of a racially driven verbal fight between two local groups, Bill told me, “This town is divided and I would love to help grow the community so everyone can enjoy what we have to offer in Tallahassee”. One thing I like about Bill is how approachable he is, for example… while being full appreciative to talk with the commissioners and mayor, only 3 of the 4 City Commissioners we open to having meetings with him. Do we really want to bring on another closed-door/close-minded politician who isn’t at least open to the idea of community growth? No, we want someone like Bill: honest, hard worker, and transparent. 

The community loves Bill, he's well known in Tallahassee.
The community loves Bill, he’s well known in Tallahassee.
This is the only type of bologna Bill serves! (The Kearney Center)

Applicants that have applied to fill City Commission Seat 1 can be found below. This page is updated at the close of business Monday – Friday. This list is from Dec 20th, 5:15pm


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