Community Leader Sues City Commission

Benito Asks Dr. Erwin Jackson one question: Why are you suing the Tallahassee City Commission?

A couple more thoughts on the illegal appointment process that violated the Florida Sunshine Law! (From Dr. Erwin Jackson’s Facebook post this morning)

    Why did only some candidates receive a survey designed by Commissioner Matlow?
    Was this information shared with all commissioners or just some commissioners?
    Was any other information shared among commissioners by any other type of communication?
    Why did every city commissioner not have a single question for the applicants during the public portion of the selection process? Maybe all questions and answers occurred during the secret portion of the selection process?
    Curtis Richardson sent a private email or text to the newly appointed commissioner and now refuses to make it public, WHY! A public document request for all such communications between commissioners and potential appointees has been requested!

Mayor Dailey, Curtis Richardson and other commissioners is this your definition of a fair, transparent and legal appointment process as defined in the Florida Sunshine Law?

Admit you were wrong, cut the financial loss to the public from legal fees and learn from your mistake. The governor will make this appointment and the city commission should focus on changing the charter so the public can vote in a special election when future vacancies occur! Problem solved!

Tallahassee Truth Teller: Shine A Light on Tallahassee Corruption

Note From Benito

Thank you Dr. Erwin Jackson for your time and community contributions. Your efforts are greatly appreciated from fellow citizen who is tired of being on the wrong side of local government. If others would like to share their stories straight to the public without filter, I would love to share your story. All I do is meet people and connect dots

If you have a good idea that’s great for the community,

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