Florida Inauguration: ‘Our rights are endowed by God, not government’ Governor Ron DeSantis

Florida’s new 40-year-old governor was sworn in today immediately said government should play a smaller role in the lives of Florida residents. To that, I say amen. He also spoke that we will not tolerate illegal local elections and promised to step in and remove crooked politicians. Here is the full speech directly from the horses mouth.

“Government’s role is not to run our lives for us but to provide what Lincoln called an “open field and fair chance for one’s industry, enterprise and intelligence,” Governor DeSantis

Full unedited inauguration speech

My favorite moments of the day

Florida’s new Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried (Florida’s Sweetheart)

Rabbi Oirechman and Deacon Thaddeus Horbowy (my dad)

Dad and I always get the best camera spots
Dad thanking Governor Scott, and congratulating on his new job as Senator

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