I started out 2019 by going viral on two platforms. How to deliver your message without ad-spend

I reached 250,000 people in less than 24 hours and I did it without spending a dime. Here’s how…

From Capitola Florida with a population less than 500, I had two messages reach all parts of the globe. It’s 2019, we all have the tools to reach the world no matter where you live. However there’s some ways to help deliver your messages:

  1. Good content: smart, funny, educational, or food for thought.
  2. Timely: be relative to current events.
  3. Fun: One or two emojis, a meme, or witty tends to grab their attention.
  4. Build a brand: develops your personal style that’s quick for randos to know who you are and what you do. My brand is that I meet people and connect dots. I get stuff done, that’s my brand.
  5. Develop online relationships: some quasi famous guy retweeted and shared my posts. I met him months ago but it wasn’t until I caught his eye recently that we became friends. (That brand thing I was telling you about built on him and he “knew me” and was comfortable sharing my content. He was monumental in me going viral… however without the first four steps, it wouldn’t have happened.

You are one piece of content away from making it big… it will pop like popcorn. Keep posting keep sharing and watch what happens. Live your truth, and be real.

What went viral?

Benefits of going viral

Both of these pieces of content have zero to do with my overall goal. However the exposure caught peoples interest. My Digital presents instantly attracted like-minded people to follow me and read and links to my past articles. With zero ad spend I was introduced to a quarter of a million people.

Show and tell… demo sale

  • Free leads are free leads

  • The tagline for my start up SmartFlorida.org is Community Grows Commerce. The more people you attract the easier it is to sell your service. Since I strategically placed my email address in my Twitter bio, and my social media framework is solid…. I had over 700 emails in my inbox. People were thinking me for asking that question and enjoying my videos from the inauguration this week.

  • Tonight I’ll follow up with those emails with links to this blog post and go from there.

    Recap Video

    Follow Up!

    If you would like help delivering your messages and don’t want to all these techie blah blah blah… I can help you. Email me your request for proposal CEO@SmartGreenIndustries.com

    Or…. if you like what I do and want me to keep doing it… you are welcome to support me by sending money to this link.


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