I work at the CoolestCompanyEver.com

If you love what you do, you’ll never work again. Introducing Social Cannabis Club Florida: Florida’s First THC Lounge in Tallahassee.


To help each other convalesce, recover, recuperate, and grow a smart Florida.
What Are We
A private membership social club for Florida legal cannabis and hemp medical patients. Together, we support each other with compassion and companionship.
We offer a safe haven to socialize with fellow compassionate patients. We provide educational seminars, entertaining socializing, and group support.

Check out the CoolestCompanyEver.com’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/floridathc/

We are releasing 100 Limited Charter Lifetime Memberships Prelaunch. $500 each and you’ll have access for life into the social club and exclusive future offers in the future. If you wish to sponsor others (Sponsorships for veterans or your friends). Doors open 4/20/2019 and Charter Members will have input on the 1st physical venue.

Join The Club HERE


Brought to you by Benito, the one and only CEO@SmartGreenIndustries.com 850-565-WEED

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