It’s time to stand up for the Positive. Publicly and Vocally. I submitted my application for both: City Ethics Board and State Director of Cannabis with an Ethics Complaint against the City Ethics Officer.

Why is it important to be ridiculously positive? Because the ridiculously negative is coming at us; the commies are coming and the only way to fight hate is with an abundance of God’s love from our hearts.

Below is my publicly recorded email, with a city ethics complaint, my RAP sheet, and I lay my privacy and heart on the line for public ridicule with an application to serve the people on the ethics board. The evil will come at me sooner or later with my record…. here it is. May it serve the people well.

The city ethics officer slandered my good name for saying a prayer at the city commission retreat is “hate speech”. I sent her bullying antiCatholicism to the public record with my application to serve on her board and call for her resignation.

TO  Governor Ron DeSantis, 

CC  Commissioner Nikki Fried, 

CC  Tallahassee Ethics Board and Mayor of Tallahassee 

Governor Ron DeSantis,

Thank God that you are in office. I advocated and prayed for you all over the state on the campaign trail. At your Inauguration Day, you told us that you will get rid of bad public servants. I please ask you to look into my complaint about the Tallahassee Ethics Officer.
Under her watch and duty, local politicians ran wild and even racked up 44 counts of illegal activity and she said nothing… the community suspects she knew and has lost trust in her and the Ethics Board. Further more, I have a separate complaint of ethics from her behavior this week. Please help us clean up Tallahassee. I am applying for the open seat that is has a deadline to apply for Jan 25, 2019. If possible, I request a governor appointment on this board. In my application for the board, I am requesting that the city ethics officer resign.
Also, I set up a go-fund-me account to provide travel fund to join you in Jerusalem as an independent member of the press. I am independently owned and operated and Jesus is the only one I work for. My father was there on New Years and I want to go with you.
On another note, I would like to introduce to you my father who you saw on several occasions: Sean Hannity’s Tampa appearance, Breakfast at Tiffanys in Pal Harbor on primary day with your dad and 1st grade teacher, and the Presidential Rally in Tampa with President Trump. A few minutes of your time would really give him joy.

Commissioner Nikki Fried, 

Thank God you are in office too. On the campaign trial, I advocated for you forming a group called Conservatives for Compassion. I would like to invite you to my new business on opening day. We are launching Florida’s 1st THC Lounge in Tallahassee, Cannabis Social Club Florida. I am a veteran who struggles with recovery and innovated this idea
It’s a private membership social club for Florida legal cannabis and hemp medical patients. Together, we can support each other with compassion and companionship We offer a safe haven to socialize with fellow compassionate patience. We provide educational seminars, entertaining socializing, and group support. We will do a soft opening soon and grand opening on 4/20
We wish to remain compliant with state and local laws, so until the ink is dry on those laws… we will only serve coffee in the style of a speak-easy environment. 
I know you are appointing a Florida Director of Cannabis and I humbly would like to add this application to the city of Tallahassee as my application for your appointment as well. 

Tallahassee Advisory Board and Mayor, 

Thank you for accepting my application. Included is a cover letter, resume, my legal background R.A.P. sheet for the public record, as well as an ethics complaint against the city’s ethics officer. I wish I didn’t have to, but our community is suffering because of this types of tactics. I believe we can grow smart fresh green communities together, but it’s difficult when public servants attack members of the community and make them feel they are not welcome. Here is video evidence of my public speech and with screen shots of slander and bullying from the city ethics officer. 

Tallahassee Ethics Board Cover Letter, 2018 Activity, Life Facts, C.V.,

Legal Background & RAP Sheet: Full Disclosure

Ethics Complaint of the City Ethics Officer

Kindly and respectfully, 
Viva Jesus 


Benjamin Alexander Horbowy

Tallahassee Swamp Drainer and Liberty Patriot. 

Founder, Chaires-Capitola Community Coalition

Community Hotline 850-565-WEED (9333)

1113 Old Bumpy Road, Tallahassee Florida 32317 

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