How to build community: love everyone and open doors.

I am here to help; not harm. Jesus taught us: one love.

I am the son of a run-away slave from a Nazi Death Camp. I am sent to Tallahassee for one purpose, to help the community grow together.

I apologize to Tallahassee if I said anything hurtful in my Public talk at the city commissioners retreat. It was not my intention. My family asked me to make sure I represent them in 100% positive light; we care about everyone.

Jesus taught us there is one more commandment that is the most important commandment of all: love others as you love yourself. The key to that is to have the ability love yourself; before you can, you must eliminate all hate from your heart— Benito

☎️ The 3G Network comes with free minutes and long distance: Goodness, Grace, Glory.

You can call Jesus 24/7 thru prayer📞 🙏 📖

“Make me to hear joy and gladness, Let the bones which You have broken rejoice.” Psalms 51:8 📡⛪️

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