2 thoughts on “Liberty, Unity, Community | Capital City Cannabis Committee

  1. Worth considering…. I recall when I was using marijuana in college, though I was prone to paranoia, that it *greatly* aggravated it. My solution was to smoke and drink together. I was high on mj and alcohol when I kicked a cop in the face in October 1973. That sent me to jail, where I met Jesus. The joy I had from meeting Jesus relieved a lot of my paranoia. I continued to smoke dope for 6 months, but now when I smoked it, I got super high. I remember hearing bells ringing in heaven. I finally realized that I could not smoke dope and walk with the Lord. The danger for the Christian with smoking and even drinking is that it lowers inhibitions. The more intoxicated you become, the more you are tempted to sin, and say “What the hey!” With mj you are stoned/drunk right away… not good. Blessings. *In Christ’s Mercy* *Rev. Bill McClain, D.MIn.* *772-979-1376*



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