Dear Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis, here’s better way to fund education while solving the issue with banks receiving commerce from smart green industries. Plan B, plan Benito ✅ Pre-Draft to the book is in this blog 📖

What is taxation without representation? Should county commissioners return phone calls? Do you believe in TermLimits? We need New Democrats and New Republicans. Optimize the system ✅🗽🚂🇺🇸

What is the CCCC?!

Florida Inauguration: ‘Our rights are endowed by God, not government’ Governor Ron DeSantis

I’m presenting green growth to the red team AND the blue team… adding a little yellow to the mix, here’s the green team growing smart communities.

A better way to fund education while solving the issue with banks receiving commerce from smart green industries:

Next week I’ll present the CFO a common sense solution for an endowment for Florida’s education system to be funded by a better way to purchase medical products: a Florida Smart Crypto Coin… as patients/tourist patients (who we should honor our of state licenses) buy medical marijuana with buying into the blockchain for their MJ purchases. Then when kids do good in school or complete a Real life experience assignment on our app, they earn Florida Smart Crypto Coins that can be used for trade school or colleges.

I hired a connected, experienced public affairs/ executive assistant yesterday. Perhaps I’m merely considering public life.

Want read the start of the book… I’ll rewrite it soon and end the story with The entrepreneurship I have succeeded over the past decade, The trials and tribulations I have vectored… ending with stories of 17 public offices I aided in campaigns for in Florida in 2018 and the ins and outs of inside local/state politicians from an insider.

You don’t want me working on your opponents’ team. 😉

Click here for PDF of the Pre-Draft: first two chapters only

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