How to play the 2-Move checkmate: Polish Patriot Defends Florida Against Socialism 2/12/2019

In this video, I Have Become The Poster Boy of Deep State Bullying Citizens in the case of Deep State vs Liberty Patriot, I displayed a 4-move checkmate “Deep State vs Liberty Patriot, Don’t play checkers with a chess player” in my next video I’ll show you the 2-move checkmate. You have to start on defense and the opponent has to do two very specific dumb moves. She opened a court case and closed it, proving bullying by a public official and abuse of power wasting law enforcement and judicial resources.

I said a prayer.

She called it hate speech.

I filed city ethics violation claim and asked her to resign.

She sent sheriff to my home. (That escalated quickly!)

Her Move: Opened court case; requested it be sealed. Opening move!

My Move: I filed state ethics violation claim, had her served with a claim of state ethics violation; requested media access in court room.

Her Move: She closed case after being informed her court claim was unconstitutional. She never had a case! She wish she would have resigned; instead she started playing checkers with a chess champion. She withdraws moments before courts and media exposure.

My Move: Volley for the spike: take her handwritten request to judge, her withdrawal. Put it in envelopes with her state investigation number and a short and sweet cover letter from me with THIS AS A NEW CLAIM … and hand deliver to everyone on the commission, the mayors office, the candidates for the new seats on the ethics board, and of course the city and state ethics board members.

Checkmate in two moves.

Say she doesn’t resign: she has to explain herself and these new unethical behavior claims to the board, someone will motion to remove her; then the city has an option: A) fire her which is a win for us, or 😎 don’t fire her and that proves that the city’s establishment is unethical and we will have to elect every single one out.

Win-win-win! Win for us, win for the community, and a win for pro-liberty movement.

“We were born free, we’ll always be a free county. America will never be socialist!”

I Have Become The Poster Boy of Deep State Bullying Citizens in the case of Deep State vs Liberty Patriot

As community evidence piles up against City Ethics Officer, her victim of online bullying requests her polite resignation.

It’s time to stand up for the Positive. Publicly and Vocally. I submitted my application for both: City Ethics Board and State Director of Cannabis with an Ethics Complaint against the City Ethics Officer.


Round 2 in the Fight For Liberty In Florida’s Capital City

TALLAHASSEE 2/12/2019 — After a huge swing and a miss by the Tallahassee City Ethic’s officer directed at journalist and resident citizen, the victorious Benito offers a rematch. The first round was set in the arena in the “Court of Public Opinion” Emotional decision making lost again to competence.

Round 2 will be in City Hall’s area of muddle puddle ridiculous Tallahassee politics. Benito spoke a prayer Serenity at the City Retreat caused public serpent to falsely accuse “hate speech” and weaponize the courts system in a desperate attempt to keep her job. The Polish American Liberty Patriot stoped the spread of socialism in Tallahassee Florida on this date. The case has been a local version of Trumpster Benito vs Swamp Palosi Act-a-like with local journalist becoming the poster board for the case of “Government Bullies Citizens” Will socialism come to Florida? Will she keep her job? Come watch!

Benito Won First Round

Deep State vs Liberty Patriot = Liberty Train Remands Unconquered!

“I asked her politely to resign. She opened a checkers game against a chess champion by sending cops to my house with a court case. I showed her handwritten illegal request of the court to the state ethics board and they told me they got it from here. Her action of opening the court case was all they needed. After I motioned the court to the court to grant media access in the courtroom, she withdrew her claim moments before the hearing. She abused her position of power to abuse law enforcement and judicial resources. When someone shows you who they are, believe them. I can name about 50 illegal acts committed due to the City Ethics Officer’s oversight.” Benito

Round 2 Set

Swamp Vs Patriot

LIVE Court-side Free Seats.

February 19, 2019 4 – 7 PM,

City Hall, City Commission Chamber.

Benito calls for her resignation during hiring session of the two new ethics board members. Should new members vow to clean up Tallahassee’s Unethical Advisory Board? Will we get a new ethics officer or will the fox keep rule in the hen house. Open Invite!! The community needs to trust the city again.

Straight From Her Page, There Must Come A Change. Let’s Clean Up Tallahassee & Keep the City Honest

7 Facts or Cases Involving City Ethics Officer Systematically Abusing Valuable Law Enforcement & Judicial Resources

• TPDPropertyCaseNumber:2019-016046

• LeonCountyCaseNo:2019DR000293

• StateEthicsComplaintNo.19-011

• LookintoMaddox.Wholethimoperate?

• WasAndrewGilliumalmostafelongovernor?

• WhatisherONEJOBasEthicsOfficer?

• Canthecommunitytrustthecitywithher?

“Courage is grace under pressure.”



Benito Meets People, Connects Dots, & Provides Solutions. He Offers Only Two Products: Quality & Integrity. He Makes Things Happen; That’s His Brand. Community Based Think Tank

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