Liberty Train Benito Takes On Pasadena Stinkadena With A Lot More Than Just Febreeze. Don’t Mess With Texas/Benito!

Jesus didn’t teach us to go to the fancy suburbs; He taught us to go where we are needed. May we use the political framework of the greatest nation in the world to do the Lord’s work. If you want a garden, get the snakes out of the grass and fertilize the plants. Don’t piss on it; that’s what you do when you vote for establishment. If they would have helped the community, it would have been done by now. We need to clean house and keep America great!

Benito Has Proactively Found A Conservative Competent response to the dodo bird AOC.

I present to you a future Speaker of House and Secretary of State: Jaimy Blanco, Texan!

Here’s my proactive approach Revitalización de Pasadena’s white paper , the Facebook page

🗽🚂With a hopeful Future Speaker of House 📈
She’s conservative, competent, and a Latina/Jewish. Follow her Jaimy Blanco for Texas… she’s going to clean up the dirtiest town in the states and become the queen of the Oil Capital of Texas. Founder of Revitalización de Pasadena y grupo Pasadena Community Projects (paid me as her visionary). #RLC #Liberty #Conservative

This is the original JR’s hat from the show Dallas. My head is too big for it 😉

Dear Oil CEOs…

Show the workforce some respect! Build the community where your works live and start with clean water, side walks, and free shuttle service for your workers. Even the leftist company Google offers rides from the train station to the HQ.

Here’s my proactive approach Revitalización de Pasadena’s white paper , the Facebook page

Planting Seeds Of Wisdom

One of the highlights of my short visit was meeting Lui LaRotta, Chairman of the Houston Bay Area RLC . I had the privilege of being the field team coordinator for Bob White For Florida Governor 2018 and seen every RLC charter of Florida. Lui is a jewel and very talented: natural competence and will go far. Bob White of Florida should take note on how to do things.

To me, the RLC is a beacon of hope for the Republican Party. I advocate new Republicans, new DemonRats, and

📈The liberty patriots of Houston 🗽🚂🇺🇸

Strategic talks on how to combat the over regulation brought to us by the green new deal. Here’s my proactive approach Revitalización de Pasadena’s white paper , the Facebook page

I also met the next hopeful Mayor of Houston, Tony Buzbee. I don’t know who looks more stoned, but I assure you there was no smoke in the air during this encounter.

Meanwhile in other parts of the world on this week.

Family Business

I present to you my dad, Ted The Great

This Wolf In Sheep’s Clothes, I called for his resignation. He has been emotionally and spiritually abusing our country. My dad is on the right, and the Sicko Cardinal DeNardo is on the left… hmmm suiting since he is a leftist.

I went to confession with his Executive Priest Secretary … he told me to be silent and offered nothing towards hope of recovery other than to refer me to their clean up crew. He is not the first clergy I have asked to resign… I started with the Pope: May this white smoke bring us a new Pope

Other family business

The church stole from my family. They owe us $14,000 for the Art by my family that we have St Maximian Kolbe Parish. Check out my dad I present to you my dad, Ted The Great

How I Earned the Name Tallahassee Swamp Drainer

After 17 election victories around the state of Florida in 2018 protecting us from socialism, I took up a task to out the Tallahassee Ethics Czar. This is why local elections are important. Soros funded politicians have embedded untouchable witches like this. Witches are real and tremble in fear with Light shines off the faces of God’s children.

Texas… I’ll be back!

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