Social Platform Blocks Patriot From Fundraising For Freedom. GoFundMe called Boots on Ground Bikers For Trump a “Hate Group”

This was taken down by Go-Fund-Me

I’m raising funds to start a Boots On Ground Chapter in the Capital City of Florida, but Go-Fund-Me deleted the campaign.

I will have to raise the money other ways. Click to donate to the cause

Commies are coming to Florida 2020! We will stand our ground and be the wall of meat around the Capital for when the antifa show up. What do we need the money for? Marketing materials for recruitment, solid riot gear, and the Chapter President who has a military service head injury can not ride a two wheeled bike therefore he needs funds for a Presidential quality trike to lead his crew with flags blazing from the bike while blasting Johnny Cash “Riders In the Sky”. We are 70,000 riders strong and growing… Benito is one of the youngest chapter presidents of the AMA group.

We are Liberty Patriots Riders who are pro Terrific Respectable Unpredictable My President. Our code is to be God Loving, Constitutional Respecting, Presidential Supporting. If you would like information on our activities, I’m your Tallahassee Connection and Chapter President 850-565-9333. Nationally we 70k strong with 3k in Florida and growing rapidly.

Blame it all on my roots… we showed up in boots & ruined your antifa affair!

Boots On The Ground Florida Capital Bikers For Trump needs start up Capital.

Last week I was a lone wolf howling at the moon … well I’ve been adopted by a boot family who won’t tolerate this libtarded nonsense. Right now our chapter only has three members: the #PolishPatriots, me the Tallahassee Swamp Drainer, Bogus Biniek from Defuniak , and Deacon “Ted” Thaddeus Horbowy. Bogus is our Vice President and Deacon Ted is our chaplain… seeking: Sergeant of Arms & a Secretary. This chapter will become a pillar of light for the world to see!


Before this was a fundraiser for a wall of meat to protect the state capital, this was a legal fund to sue the city for damage to the city. We will park that idea and raise funds for that cause later after we have a healthy chapter set up. The lawsuit for damages: proceeds will go to the chapter. It’s very important that this chapter become a lighthouse for the world to see how we defend liberty!

Full Throttle Liberty Train

We need to sue the city!

Watch this video!

I stood our ground. Next time I come at the crooked politicians… it’ll be with an army.

Before this became a go fund me account to launch a chapter for Boots on Ground, I was raising money to sue the city for damages to the community. Here’s that story:

It’s People vs State,

Community vs Deep State,

Swamp Drainer vs Swamp,

#LibertyPatriot vs Establishment,

No money vs old money, &

Conservative vs 110% Liberal Ran Town.

This small town doesn’t have a lawyer willing to go against the establishment. I need to hire an out of towner.

For the ones who can’t speak for themselves… there’s a few liberty patriots left and we hear your cries. The Polish have never fell to the temptation of corruption. We stand in unity for liberty.

The Tallahassee City Ethics Officer allowed for lots of illegal activity under her watch that allowed for Andrew Gillum, Scott Maddox, and two aides to operate for years. Further more: she tried to bully me… that crossed the line when she made a personal attacks. I complained to the ethics board that she oversees about her behavior, and guess what… they won’t reply with a hearing date.

So I HAVE to sue! Liberty needs to be heard!

It started because I said the serenity prayer at the city commission retreat. The city ethics officer wrote me on LinkedIn instead of transparent public access email saying I can’t come to Tallahassee with my business if I’m going to publicly use “HATE SPEECH”. She called the serenity prayer… hate speech.

I have substantial evidence for two cases:

One: People vs Swamp: I want to sue with the demand that the ethics officer resign. I have several pieces of evidence that she violated community trust and broke sunshine state law. Her only job is to make sure Tallahassee is ethical and she started that job in 2014. She doesn’t do her job correctly and has failed the community. #YoureFired

Two: Benito vs Ethics Officer Personally: Damages occurred from her online bullying with purposeful emotional distress against a wounded veteran, and putting my business and personal safety at jeopardy with mob like whacktivist.

Question: Is a city employed ethics officer who let illegal activity slide because they share a common employer and political party… the definition of “deep state”? Sounds to me like the fox in hen house let Gillum and Maddox slide for years.

I felt like my genuine message was delivered timely and clearly.

My strategy: be a pied Piper smoking my pipe and blowing my horn around town living freely while rejoicing his name, Jesus. I am trying to educate the community in the entertaining style. I have several videos airing out her dirty laundry. I have a following growing and this case can become a national one.

I am doing this very publicly on social media @BenitoConnects #LetsCleanUpTallahassee #TalahasseeSwampDrainer

For example: here is an excerpt from my blog

As community evidence piles up against City Ethics Officer, her victim of online bullying requests her polite resignation.

Community advocate sends firm call-of-action and request support. Benito presents text book liberty play: How to blow whistle on corruption! I call for her resignation; she should have been the one bringing this to light.

As community evidence piles up against City Ethics Officer, her victim of online bullying requests her polite resignation.

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