Catholic Church Kicks Out Good Catholics for Stance against Pedophilia #MakeTheChurchGreatAgain

The Catholic church lied on a police report about me after I successfully whistle blew on several bishop priest abusers: some of whom are now defrocked… others are on “inactive ministry” living in a resort.

My stance against pedophilia put me at odds with the Catholic Church. Until we have a new Pope, I am not interested in the current propaganda they put out. I asked the pope to resign, I told the top cardinal of United States Conference of Catholic Bishops he doesn’t deserve that hat, and I told our bishop over Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee to stop wearing rainbow colored panties. They asked me to leave the Red Mass for no reason and filed a false report after I was the church reporter for many years and spearheaded many catholic missions for Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops Ok, they asked me to be Protestant, and now I have a registered ministry called Liberty Patriots Who Love America and am a legally ordained minister who can officiate weddings even and raise funds for legit Christian missions. For example: I have a witness of faith memoir workbook called Post Traumatic Growth and available to speak. #ThisIsGodsWork #MakeTheChurchGreatAgain

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