Deep State Vs Liberty: How Benito Became the #TallahasseeSwampDrainer

Let’s Drain The Swamp

I became known as the Tallahassee Swamp Drainer at the first public commissioners retreat after a success campaign season that brought Governor DeSantis into office. The local Tallahassee establishment wasn’t happy. The worst mayor in Tallahassee’s history lost in that election… and out the window went all the crony’s promises of placements.

The unethical city ethics czar tried to weaponize the court and unconstitutionally block a citizen from town hall public meetings. She allowed Socialist Devil Andrew Gillum and my political opponent Scott Maddox (who is currently in jail) to illegally operate. Governor Ron DeSantis promised to unseat bad public serpents. Here’s my full page story #DeepState #TallahasseeSwampDrainer

Full Page Article In the USA Today Network

We won’t be bullied by socialist

Official Enemies of Socialism

Don’t risk losing your 1st & 2nd by voting for a democrat. They need to be voted out on every level. Don’t allow them one inch for them to weasel out.

My grandpa was a train conductor on the Communist Occupied Poland/ German boarder. This photo is me in the old county Poland 1987; when I returned to Poland in 1989; the liberty train drove out socialism. President Trump has done a lot to keep Poland Great. For more info

They commies told dad he can’t go church in his uniform and that he was never allowed to be seen without his uniform. Here is in the church newsletter as a lector. You can’t stop us.

🏒 I have 20+ years of being a referee. I blow the whistle on bs, keep calm between two teams of alpha aggression during heated moments, honorably did two boot camps and 6 years in the army, born under the knife with several facial surgeries, broke a femur, passed a kidney stone, burst an appendix, broke ribs, crushed a cheek, and worked in dirty industries: banking & construction development. I eat corruption for breakfast and fart on commies for fun. What do you think I’ll do to twerp LibTarded DeomRats trying to get in my way? I’m running against a RINO local establishment, a democrat who looks like Hillary Clinton, and another democrat who is currently in jail for misuse of govt funds.

Follow the most unconventional campaign the locals ever seen! Benjamin Alexander For Florida State Senate District 3 founder of Liberty Patriots Who Love America For updates of my adventures join the mailing list

Be the leader your vision needs you to become. Expect greatness, expect success, and never settle for mediocrity. Who am I? A champion 🏆


Benjamin Alexander For Florida State Senate District 3

Post Trumatic Growth #850Strong

Never make fun of someone who is making progress, no matter how slow it takes them to get there.

Here’s my podcast studio for POST TRAUMATIC GROWTH | 🎙📡

Listen to the Recovery Podcast

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