McLovin’ McDonalds Straws 🍟

After my live video on facebook (thats uploaded on youtube in this post), I had and interaction with a she/him/it.

Guy/girl/thing: [While talking to itself walking past my table] O… M… G… Becky!… Look what I forgot. I need a straw.

Outspoken Me: Make sure you grab enough! They are free.

Guy/girl/thing: Oh my God, why do you have so many straws?!

Me: Cuz America; that’s why!

That: High Pitched Flamer Noises

Me: Speak American, son. I don’t understand England’s English… you sound like one of them British cigarettes.

That was probably the best thing you watched on social media today; be sure to follow this page in your email before Big Tech shuts me down. Share this on Facebook and Mention me on Twitter @Benito850Strong. Do it.

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