📣 March Blessings Are Near

February has come and gone- There were some bumpy roads to smooth out. Great things have lead to yesterday’s evangelization over the Costco parking lot. (Video below)

4 pastors… 4 snakes in the grass (February 2020)

More things happen to me than most; it’s part of my spiritual walk to be tested with small tasks before a large one. I feel like I passed these tests:

  • One invited me for council and then told 3rd party. I walk away from gossip.
  • One invited me under false pretense. When people lie to you, they are stealing your time away from serving the Lord and building His Kingdom.
  • One invited me to an ambush. I saw through it and brought his agenda to the Light.
  • One invited me out of town, attempted to plant doubt and worry in me; when I rejected fear, he redacted his invite. When people show you who they are, believe them.

Seeking: pure hearted Pro-Life ministry leaders with burning desire to love the Lord. Anything less than 1000% for Christ, this path is not for them.

I am however enjoying my new relationship/friendship with the formal biblical education coursework offered at the Anglican St Peter’s Cathedral in Tallahassee. I do not wish to forget to mention some solid advisors have come into my world. Our board for Cultural Arts For Christ International Ministries featuring the World’s Tallest Jesus is forming to be a group of vanguard ministries who soon will have global reach. It will happen. For this I am grateful!

During Lent, St. Peters has dinner at 5 on Wednesdays and then a course following: I invite you. 850-565-9333

📣Witness Gives Testimony About The Modern Day Holocaust Over Costco 3-1-2020

For event and crusade invites, join our meetup group Meet.com/Benjaminites Add our weekly prayer call to your ZOOM meeting Add To Calendar 📅

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