Globalist ChiComs Manmade Virus + Government Control + Manipulated Minion Media Fear = Panic & Fear

If you are closing doors, canceling events, or afraid to be in public…

Shame on you, for real:

Globalist ChiComs Manmade Virus + Government Control + Manipulated Minion Media Fear = Panic & Fear

Globalist chi-coms started this virus after their people started protesting communism.

Department of Justice just arrested Chinese spies, active duty military, working in Harvard… with vials of bio chemical warfare.

I was told by a church elder this week that his kid gets his news from Harvard…. I told him “‘pseudo academics from Ivy League universities who think their stupid scientific opinions are facts’ are the true enemy of the people.”

Now we see that Ivy League universities are the cause of this nonsense.

BTW Andrew Gillum and David Hogg are Harvard fellows. I call BS on leftist … again.

I’ve lost some friends to the virus… just can’t stand germaphobes or anyone afraid to live, so I ended the friendship and deleted them … Fear is a cancer- cut it out.

Are you really that afraid of death dude? When it happens, it’s God’s time. Let God be God and live your life.

The left knows no God, but they know fear and panic.

Poland stands ground against bullies!

We are tired of nazis, communist, and globalist.

Now I’m 37 in 2020 standing ground against god-less democrats in the most corrupt city in the states. I’m up against a crony lobbyist facing federal charges, a late-term voting lawyer, and a retired Miami cop.

On top of that- fascist Facebook blocks my campaign account. I’m the only one in the race (rep or dem) not funded by the grandmaster swamp-lurker Bill Montford

I need your help!

Benjamin Horbowy for Florida Senate D3


Fear Not!

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