“Florida has too many snakes in the grass within the Republican Party” says @850Patriot #TallahasseeSwampDrainer

Polish-American-Texan US Veteran says Tallahassee needs Wyatt Earp and Florida needs Jesus.

Meet Benjamin Alexander Thaddeus John Horbowy, republican candidate for Florida State Senate District 3.

Dear America,

My Polish grandpa escaped a nazi prison camp and survived the holocaust.  My dad defected communist occupied Poland and came to this county legally in 1976 as a political refugee in search of religious freedom; he retired from the U.S. Justice Department. My American grandpa fought nazis on the USS Texas in Normandy, Cicely, Africa, and Japan.

On March 27, 2001, I swore an oath to defend the U.S. constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. In 2020, I am a 37 year old patriot standing ground against socialism in Florida and taking ground for the Fight for Faith Family & Freedom.

I have identified an area of need. The forgotten coast of Florida has suffered great devastation and moral decay. The president noted this area as the “worst most corrupt city in the states”.

When you send me to 400 S. Monroe street in Tallahassee to be your Florida Senator, we will protect the constitution, preserve Christian culture and education, and protect life.

I advocate for #WeThePeople #PeaceAndJustice & #InGodWeTrust


This Christian Conservative Constitutionalist isn’t liked by local southern republican establishment for being “too much like Trump”

True Stories In Greater Tallahassee:

  • Did you know the state senate president (R) has received $500,000 from Mike Bloomberg?
  • Did you know the Florida Republican Party leader WROTE THE BILL to allow homosexuals to adopt (enabling human trafficking from the Caribbean)?
  • Did you know the #2-party-boy has called cops on republican candidates when asked to speak on camera about his DUI into a parked cop car?
  • Did know: Local SOEs speak at anti-trump meetings?
  • Did you know: County commissioners forbid Trump-republicans to go to republican RECs?
  • Did you know: Local sheriff deputy just plead guilty to planting drugs on people 100+ times?
  • Did you know: City of Tallahassee recycles police chiefs until the puppet strings work?
  • Did you know: Near every local republican shares a campaign team with the grandmaster democrat whose family is embedded in the school boards.

No one like these cronies but they vote them in over and over. No one has ever stood up against them .

Dismantle the good-ole-bully-network

Tired of it? Well we have a shot to vote them out.

We have 8 weeks to get a Pro-Life US Veteran Polish American Texan on the ballot who doesn’t tolerate their nonsense.

Andrew Gillum / Loranne Ausley are merely apprentices in the game.

Let’s dismantle the Good-ole-bully-network! #VoteBenjamin

PS Scott Maddox is also running against me and actively filing campaign finance reports… he has 6 figures in the campaign account; what’s that all about?! I’m literally up against a crooked lobbyist, crony lawyer, and a connected-Miami-cop.

Bro, God shows you your strength by the opponents we share. Tallahassee and Florida has too much to lose not to help with local elections. Consider a monetary contribution here. We could use a 3 month full-size trunk for public advocacy and advertisements as an in-kind donation.

Does any other republican candidate in Florida have as much flack from fellow “republicans” as I do?!

Trump DID-TWEET about the corruption in Tallahassee once.

Why do republicans undermine my campaign?

Democrats haven’t thrown ANY punches at this Pro-Trump campaign, but Tallahassee republicans have!

I’m a veteran, prolife, and a HUGE Trump fan (wrote in his name for my vote in 2012).

Look how foolish a Florida party committeemen can be as he blocks Pro-Trump Pro-Life candidates from republican meetings. Wakulla County Commissioner forbids Trump Supporting US Veteran to attend REC meetings

Global Masonic Orders are upset at me… that I have been calling out democrats and have a long family history of challenging them in Poland, Israel, and throughout the south.

Food for thought: Has the republican challenging me ever taken a jab at the democrats: no… but her team has called Trumpers “foil hat wearers” and “political jesters”. A vote for the Miami retired cop #MiamiMarva is actually a vote for #LoranneAusley as Marva is a recruit by #BillMontford‘s lodge.

Would true republicans be mad at the following:

– I have identified a treasonous enemy of the state. A crony supervisor of elections who speaks at anti-trump meetings. He is also in charge of cyber security for Florida.

– Tallahassee is the “worst most corrupt city in the states” according to a Trump tweet. I got the city ethics office to resign; she enabled Gillum and Maddox.

– Benjamin for Florida Senate D3 waves Trump flags all over North Florida

– Why is an unpartisan position of supervisor of elections speaking at an anti-Presidential meeting? Do you feel Florida is vulnerable to voter fraud?

Benjamin Horbowy for Florida Senate D3


Please consider a contribution DonorBox.org/benjaminForAmerica


‼️Patriot Call Of Action‼️

Help the liberty movement get a pro-life conservative US Veteran get on the ballot.

I need about 3,500 of these signed with original signatures. PLEASE DO YOUR PATRIOT DUTY and enable #WeThePeople to be on the ballot.

Print this and send it it. Print multiple and pass them out, do it. Please and thank you. 


@850Patriot Interviews @WilliamMoore2020

Benjamin introduces to you new candidates who are pro-term limits.

2022, 2024, 2026 will bring a wave of new candidates who think two party system is wasting time. We are all pro earth and doing what’s best for humanity. Let’s make the world a better place.

Listen to the Full Interview of the 18 year old running for local office against the swamp. He is challenging the most corrupt seat and a career political who was appointed to the seat.

Also in the news this week:

Tallahassee Mayor in a Miami Drug Feed Sex Party where Gay escort OD’d on crystal meth. What else is new?

I promise if you elect Benjamin Horbowy for Florida Senate, I will never be in a Gay-Meth-Orgy. Please quote me with that!

Not many Tallahassee elected officials can say that; I’m different.

Andrew Gillum is not even a big shit; he’s a little terd. However he is an example of how a small town person can make it to the big stage; pride comes before fall. He lied & threw away his business and family for a Miami-Gay-Meth-Orgy.

By the way, VISIT FLORIDA promotes this lifestyle. #DefundVisitFlorida

God Wins! Do Not Fear.

Add #WWG1WGA on Instagram. Where We Go 1 We Go All. My grandpa on the Dumas side said “All for one; one for all”

Cost of Victory v Cost of Defeat.

I don’t know how much it’ll cost to drain the swamp in Florida. I guarantee it’s a modest price for the lives and souls will save. These do-nothing-Democrats aren’t about to start being effective or all of a sudden become honest.

Here’s how you can help today!

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