The Tallahassee Grandmaster SwampLurker’s Strategy. Why #WeThePeople Must Dismantle-the-Good-ole-Bully-Network

Liberty Patriot vs Florida Deep State

It’s a Polish American Texan against the southern establishment.

By the way… here’s how the Deep State is thinking in Tallahassee and I’m shouting that it’s important to get me in the ballot for Primary Day: Aug 18 Vote for Patriots #NoMoreRINOs

#MolassesMontford = Grandmaster SwampLurker Director of Highest HIV Rates In Florida has one of the worst areas for human trafficking … and he was he was the your grandpa’s teacher, ya uncle’s principal, and your kid’s superintendent before he got his hands are the largest seat in the south that has never once been held by a republican. The democrat swamp lurking campaign team led by Bill Montford is in every local republicans pocket and the democrat machine is strong in Tallahassee.

His student is Loreanne Ausley who voted against #FloridaFamilies:

  • NO to Florida hurricane recovery budget
  • YES to late term abortion
  • No to adoption education public resources.

WhenI started getting newspaper coverage and appointed government bureaucrats were being forced into leaving office because of my whistleblowing… the left AND the right establishment started nervous.

After all in 2018, the negative campaign I hosted against the favored Howdy Doody look-a-like “Florida Republican Frathouse” Adam Putnam (with his 82% voting record favoring Nancy Pelosi) was successful. He was the establishment’s choice and I knew if he the was the republican nominee, that Andrew Gillum would have won the general. You are welcome, Florida.

I am a US Veteran Christian Constitutionalist. I voted for Trump, not necessary for “a republican”. They don’t like me in the south for being “TOO MUCH LIKE TRUMP”

The left can’t afford to get me be on the ballot against Loranne Ausley, so they recruited an old Miami law enforcement agent with 30 years of quid-pro-playing-ball.

Come on’ Miami in the 80s-90s… how can any city employee make it those years without being “Miami in the 80s!”

I receive more attacks from the Florida Republicans than anyone on the left. The left simply say “good luck in your primary”… let me tell you, that means they know about the Democratic plant they have challenging me. They establishment and the left want #MiamiMarva to take me out at the primary.

“Florida has too many snakes in the grass within the Republican Party” says @850Patriot #TallahasseeSwampDrainer

Listen! I’m a US Veteran and I’m telling you that this race is crooked, corrupt, and crony as I’m up against a lawyer, lobbyist, and law agent. (Oh yeah, Scott Maddox is also actively in the race filing campaign finance reports.)

Tallahassee Mayor in a Miami Drug Feed Sex Party where Gay escort OD’d on crystal meth. What else is new?

Video of Gillum’s Hired-wife saying “F#{% you” to me as Gillum’s boy-toy was touching me around my belt. Really?!


I’ve stood ground and was victorious when a crony city ethics officer tried to ban me from public town hall meetings. It made the paper. If you google “Benjamin Horbowy” its the first thing… and I don’t like it, but I’ll roll with it.

‪Ethics officer seeks stalking injunction after resident files complaint, demands resignation!

Read the article in the Tallahassee Democrat.

CoronaVirus Creative Ways to Social Distance within the People’s Liberty Campaign

‼️Patriot Call Of Action‼️

Constitutional Conservative US Veteran Candidate Petitions

Attention Florida: Calhoun, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Hamilton, Jefferson, Liberty, Leon, Madison, Taylor, Wakulla.

Signatures must be original and mailed in soon!

34 E-signed on 1st day of E-petition to request Office of Governor to wave ballot qualifying fee.

Sign the Petition!

Click the photo to go to

34 reminds me of my childhood hero.

God won’t allow 63,000,000+ abortions go without Heavily action. #EndTheHolocaust

  • Easter is 4-12-202
  • Jesus showed us the way.
  • Prepare yourself for the Light.
  • No one on Earth can change the Truth.
  • They can close roads or the internet, but we will still see.
  • Those who believe in Him will live…

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