How many Florida deaths have been CERTIFIED as Corona-Virus-ONLY by the state official medical examiner?

Any CSI Miami Fans Out There?!

After any death, who shows up? The medical examiner.

Let’s get public information from the Official State Doctor / Medical Examiners and not from the mainstream media who have been pushing an agenda of fear. I haven’t seen any press from the medial examiner’s offices, and when I called them today, they are closed (during a pandemic?).

  • Liberty Patriots Call of Action: Do your job as independent media, interview our state local medical examiners, and #FilmYourHospitals.
  • Here’s the link to your Florida Local Examiner.

    We The People Ask Florida Medical Examiners What Real Journalist Should:

    Dear Doctor Medical Examiner,

    • How many deaths have been CERTIFIED as corona-virus-ONLY by the Florida official medical examiner?
    • Are people dying FROM the corona virus or are they dying WITH the corona virus?
    • Are issues like heart attacks or suicides being classified as corona deaths?
    • Are certified corona death autopsies during national pandemics public info?
    • How many autopsies have the Florida medical examiners done related to corona only deaths?
    • Have any elected official verified the local medical numbers or who has been showing leadership for the people during this pandemic?

    Where we go one, we go all @850Patriot

    My reply from the medical examiner:

    We The People Media

    Q used my content and made a remix. It had 25,000+ views on its first day #WWG1WGA.

    They used my face as the cover for Standing Ground Against Corruption. #EmptyHospitals

    I’ll take it as a compliment that our Liberty Campaign of Peace & Justice is getting traction!

    If you would like to contribute to a Christian Constitutional Candidates campaign for help drain the swamp and dismantle the good-ole-bully-network, consider a contribution in this link.

    How is the establishment handing this public health situation?

    Team Montford has his campaign team in every north Florida elected office is both parties. I have named Senator Bill Montford: Florida Director of Human Trafficking.

    Tired of do-nothing-politicians? Let’s vote them out. Loranne Ausley voted against the hurricane recovery budget, but panders to state workers. Has she ever achieved anything?

    Team Montford (Democrat’s) also recruited a Miami retired cop to challenge me in the republican primary. Do we really want a 30 year career Miami cop in Tallahassee? BTW there were 3 Miami police captain in the room of Andrew Gillum’s gay meth orgy where someone overdosed and there weren’t arrest. Do we really want more insider politicians or do we want we the people?

    In other local news.

    Community Report

    Tallahassee City Police Violate Governor’s Order During Corona Virus

    Police Social Gathering the day after Governor Ron DeSantis told public not to engage in gatherings of 10, TPD goes on a social run together in a group of 15-20 at public park showing community disrespect for public health/safety.

    Online matches are on the rise during quarantine: Corona Pick Up Lines

    Fuel the Movement

    Join the People’s Liberty Campaign for Peace & Justice:

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