How to serve a Tallahassee Swamp Lurker County Commissioner Kristin Dozier ‪@KristinEDozier ‬by @850Patriot

This video takes a boring issue and presents it in an educational and entertaining way lol!

Why is Kristin Dozier so hard to get ahold of and why is she defensive to talk to the public?

This was our 1st ever interaction.

Do you think her office is neglectful to the community and hostile to helping the public?

If you live in the Bucklake / Chaires / Capitola Community and having a hard time getting the county to listen to us, you aren’t in it alone.

The struggle is real.

Read the public statement letter to her office.

I found this do-nothing-politician troll under a bridge; she popped up out of nowhere walking out of the woods.

That’s where you can find her during office hours instead of helping the people.

Why was she angry to receive information from her community members?

A good public servant would say, “oh it’s nice to meet someone in my district, how can I help you?”

When her opening line to me was “I won’t be on camera.” Then “My assistant called you.” After not hearing from her office for a year… my polite response to her was:

You’ve Been Served.

Kristin Dozier Public Reputation

She makes over $75,000 a year to do what?

She’s on her third term, does she understand duty?

This is what Tallahassee Reports wrote about her:

  • Does she have an assistant or a chief of staff?
  • Who does her work when she’s not in the office?
  • What are her ties to the crony local establishment: Scott Maddox, Gwen Graham, Loranne Ausley, Bill Montford, Andrew Gillum, Ben Crump, etc
  • Did you know she’s an insider with MAD DOG construction?
  • How many government construction contracts does Mad-Dog get?
  • What is Mad-Dog spelled backwards?

Drain The Swamp

Tired of do-nothing-politicians telling the public one thing and then only helping out their friends?

Let’s dismantle the good-ole-bully-network!

Support the Tallahassee Swamp Drainer

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