Holocaust Polish Survivor’s Grandson Gives Sociological Perspective on CoronaVirus

If there’s a .0005% chance of getting something that I have a 98% chance of surviving (or greater since I drink orange juice), I’ll take my chance in fist bumping you.

I’m not touching your elbow, bro.

Bill Gates in 2015 TedTalk “I’m not sure the cost, but it’ll be modest compared to the lives will save.” Was he selling a solution or a problem?

Bill: We should depopulate the earth.

Also Bill: We can save lives with vaccines.

Know what had a 100% death rate?

The 7 kids in Africa that died last week instantly after Bill Gate’s vaccine was tested on them.

Speaking of Bill…

Btw, We have a friend in Africa who tells the truth, he’s the good Obama. Follow him on twitter @ObamaMalik  Exsodus 8:4. ‬

To the people wearing hazmat suits… I am not the paranoid one.

Are they counting all deaths as corona deaths?

I have YET-TO-SEE a single corona-only-death report from a Medical Examiners autopsy report.

How many Florida deaths have been CERTIFIED as Corona-Virus-ONLY by the state official medical examiner?

And if you don’t think these reports should be public record in a middle of a pandemic… need I remind you of my grandfathers friends?

Not long ago in a land far far away…

German socialist nazis told the public they needed to be cleaned and to go get a shower…

What happened next?

Interesting. It’s similar to the 4 Stages of Islamic Conquest & Muslim Invasions

Here’s the numbers they put out.

🗽Polish Patriots Advocating 1st Amendment🚨

Walmart Car Church Easter Testimony 4-12-2020 by Chaplain Ted, Retired Federal Prison Chaplain.

Full Walmart Parking Lot on #EasterSunday.

Since when do we need govt permission to celebrate Holy Days? Stores are full, churches are closed, barbershops are closed, but abortion centers are open.

Watch Chaplain Ted Talk: https://www.facebook.com/5232996/posts/10115583764572723/?d=n

This is my Dad.
Dad is praying for local family businesses with Easter Carols. He favors fellow immigrants who defected communist occupied countries. Polish and Cubans are friends.

Stand Your Ground

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