Who is Marva Preston? A Lifelong Miami Democrat Running as a “Republican” & BLM sympathizer. | Who is Benjamin Horbowy? A US Veteran & Tallahassee Swamp Drainer @850Patriot.

Dear Conservative Community of North Florida:

As a registered voter:

A life long democrat running as a “Republican” who called BLM a “peaceful protest” is on the ballot.

Do you trust Martha Preston to represent your country, when she supports an activist group self proclaimed to be Marxist trained?

Do you support Marva Preston Retired Miami PD with her team calling a ProLife US Veteran “retarded” and telling him to “suck a shotgun”?

Do you think she should release a statement apologizing to the Vets for Trump Endorsed Candidate? Her campaign team has court papers against them for public defamation with false police reports.

Please share this message and ask everyone you know for 100% voter turn out #VoteBenjaminAug3

Senate District 3: Calhoun, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Hamilton, Jefferson, Liberty, Leon, Madison, Taylor, Wakulla counties.

Elect the Vet Go Big Ben Flip Big Bend

The real republican patriot has the #VetsForTrump Endorsement; a lifelong-democrat-running-as-fake-republcian promotes a false governor endorsement (the ethics people to complain about illegal campaign practices are closed until after election due to covid-fraud. https://youtu.be/yGrQd5e75tg

Marva Preston Lifelong Democrat Pretending to Be a Republican. This will happen if she wins! https://youtu.be/e1BzHIENu28

Who funds Marva?

Bill Galvano Republican Senate President took $500,000 from anti gun liberal Michael Bloomberg. Is Marva Preston another Bill Galvano?

We found out the fund that pays for Marva Preston’s junk mail. It’s a bunch of RINOs: Democrats pretending to be republicans.

Is Marva apart of the Lincoln Project?

What will happen if a Marxist wins?

Marva Preston Lifelong Democrat Pretending to Be a Republican. This will happen if she wins! https://youtu.be/e1BzHIENu28

Who can Defeat Marxist Marva Miami PD?

Benjamin Alexander Thaddeus John Horbowy is endorsed by Vets for Trump and invites Marva to a debate. Benjamin and his big name is all up on the ballot with two lines in your face. Vote Benjamin Aug 18.

Benjamin for Florida Senate #ElectTheVet @850Patriot https://youtu.be/tNXZbvw9dr4

They want to take our guns and kill our babies; I won’t let them! #OperationElectTheVet @850Patriot DonorBox.org/BenjaminForAmerica

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