Open Letter from Wade Bentley | Florida Republcian Establishment Vs Conservative Christians

“Republican Establishment Endorses Marva Preston Fl Senate District 3”

Some Conservative voters are very trusting of the Republican Establishment that has allowed our Country, our State and our Public Schools to fall into the manufacted caos and socialist disgrace that we see today.

The Republican Establishment does not want the Country to change but to go back to the same ole ways as under Bush and Obama.

The RE does not confront or call out corruption of Democrats because this would draw fire too close to their own under the table dealings.

The RE supported Obamacare and never challenged the Obama Administration in it’s unprecedented Corruptions and Crimes.

The RE opposed Donald Trump tooth and nail and created the Never Trump movement that is very active in fighing the #MAGA Movement and has even endorsed Joe Biden.

The Florida RE continues to be silent of the Corruptions at all levels of Tallahassee and Leon County Governing Officials and the State of the Leon County Schools or the Public Schools in general.

The Florida RE is silent of the Florida Teachers Assoc support of Black Lives Matter and BLM school coriculum.

The RE is silent on the growing high crime rates, violence and murders in the Capitol City of Tallahassee; the RE has been silent on draconian Mask Mandates and the media’s campaign of fear mongering.

The leading FL State Senators that the RE have endorsed and pushed to get them elected are also silent on all these issues.

Rep Senate President Bill Galvano and other RE endorsed Senators pushed the most strict gun laws and regulations Florida has ever seen in violation of the 2nd Amendment and their oath of office.

All of these same RE endorsed Senators that attacked the 2nd Amendment and gun owners have endorsed Marva Preston.

Folks silence on these issues is Silent Approval of these issues; and that Silent Approval is what the Republican Establishment offers both voters and the Democrat Party.

1. Has Marva Preston brought up any of these issues.?

2. Has Marva confronted any of the Leon County and Tallahassee Corruptions at any level.?

3. Has she confronted anyone besides her opponent in this race by calling him names.? But when she is challenged by her opponent Marva Preston has no answers.

4. When did Marva Preston become a Republican.?

5. When did she denounce the Democrat Party.?

6. Did Marva vote for Obama, Hillary and Gillum.?

7. What are Marva’s views on BLM/ANTIFA and BLM Coriculum in our Public Schools.?

I would think that a woman in her position that has fled the Democrat Party would have a great #WalkAway Testamony.

8. Has anyone heard Marva’s Walkaway testamony.?

9. Does she have a WalkAway testamony.?

10. Why not.?

Wade G. Bentley 8/14/2020

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