How to Save the World: Reform Education and Teach a Better Way To Learn. Introducing a Smart Florida Program.

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Twenty years ago I found myself in the principal’s office after he told the school there was open office hours.

I told the principal that his teaching philosophy actually minimized the intellect and empowered the mediocre. That’s how I spoke even as a kid.

Not only did I try to school my principal, I went to my mom’s masters level courses and stirred it up with her professor, “The fundamental flaw in liberalism is they try to fix things that aren’t broken; the liberal’s way of thinking is the only thing that’s broken.” (Mom was kicked out of the school lol- the liberal nuns who hosted the school bullied my mother saying “you lack the ability to learn.”). The school is so liberal they were not allowed to use masculine pronouns for God “He.”

After witnessing a generation be cropped into what we have in 2020, now that I lived a little and been to Florida State’s Liberal School of Public Policy and the Tallahassee Community College of Education… I wish to double down on my statement:

“The problem with advocating tolerance is that it is too close to the acceptance of perverts… ” Benjamin at age 17 (20 years ago)

I said that to my principal after telling him there was too many homosexual teachers… now look what you have today: the 2020 riots.

Even in the collegiate years of my life, the dean of academic studies would routinely call me into his office to bully how I thought. He called conservative values being presented in churches “hate speech”

It all cores down to too many mediocres in society; we can help by stimulating imagination and innovation. Social justice is a distraction and full of nonsense.

We can solve these social problems by focusing on bigger picture items that advances mankind. In doing so, we shall make the world a better place.

Once we have crowdsourced $10,000… we will open a 501c3 that teaches communities how to educate themselves.

Simple resources like providing a platform with a directory of charter school homeschooling co-ops would be helpful. Who provides these things?… no one. The government’s education solutions are flawed, education should be in the open market.

We have some other ideas with philosophic pillars to introduce to the community that will revolutionize how we learn and educate.

#SaveTheChildren #ReformEducation #DefundIndoctrination #EducateSmarter

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