Best Idea of 2020: SMART FLORIDA. Conservative Grassroots Community Think Tank Provides A Better Way To Learn. #DefundIndoctrination

They are talking about Florida. They are saying we are the best! But they aren’t saying that about Florida’s schools.

Our education is pure liberal indoctrination!

Florida’s schools are just the worst. It’s horrible how they treat the kids in these Democrat government schools.

Florida families deserve better.

(Notice the flag and image placed in this photo of the Smart Florida Founder while teaching an after school program: Executive Leadership at Saint John Paul II High School)

A video of me is on the president’s twitter feed at 2.4m views and my last blog had 100k+ clicks in a day without spending a dollar.

How To Fix Florida: Conservative Community Origination 101

We have an app idea. Smart Florida
It’s more than an app; it’s a conservative platform in Florida that provides community organization for grassroots advocates and patriot educators. It’s a community think tank that helps We The People advance their/our growth.

How To Fix Florida: Executive Leadership Training 202

Would you like to help 10x our momentum while legally & ethically cashing in for providing the community better and smarter solutions?

Help me – to help me – to help you; let’s optimize #WeThePeople. We need to fund this start-up non-profit concept.

Who am I? Benjamin Horbowy
Just a regular dude who holds the record for conservative grassroots votes in North Florida two weeks ago… & some rando who was retweeted by President Donald J. Trump last week …

Our program – Smart Florida – will be ready for presentation by Q4 for grants starting in 2021. I heard the president mention “patriotic education” in his RE-election speech, so this type of project will get traction quickly.

To me – #PatriotEducation sounds like civic education PLUS learning how to advocate single issues or run grassroots campaigns for local representation outside of the establishment. We can provide the type of Patriotic Natural Based Learning that all abilities can enjoy.

(For example: Should the sheriff offer monthly gun safety courses? We can teach you how to advocate for or against any issue “the right way”)

Smart Florida is a platform… not just an app.

We need partners/ co-founders / angel donors.

If we cared about the future of our youth, we would dismantle the department of education and provide the public with a natural based smart learning platform. Let’s teach people how to learn and not just what to memorize…just saying. — Benjamin Horbowy




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