“Catch me if you can” Stand Ground Rally at Costco/BassPro Parking Lot. Q Army Callout.

We will not lose territory in the Costco parking lot! Lol… we shall stand ground. Patriots Vs Everyone

I invite you to Stand Ground Rally at Costco/BassPro Parking Lot. Q Army Callout at the Costco. https://facebook.com/events/s/stand-ground-rally-at-costcoba/224611978770474/?ti=icl

The store manager lied with false defamatory information to police, the deputies infringed on our civil rights, and Benjamin Horbowy for Florida Senate D3 is going to stand ground.

It was wrong for costco to say I cuss at people or flip them off; I return vile langaige with “bless you” and peace ✌️. It was wrong for the deputies to  infringe on my 1st, 4th, & 14th. They should never threaten arrest like they did. I would like to know the names of all four of the deputies on scene: this report has malicious misinformation and undermining underinformation.

By the way: he NEVER issued a trespass warning. That was a lie on his report.

The original live video has over 5k views

More information: https://benjaminforamerica.wordpress.com/2020/08/03/why-the-double-standard-in-tallahassee/

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