Half of the County Government was Arrested in North Florida | Conservative Community Organizers are Searching for Non-establishment Grassroots Candidates

I’m sending a flare from North Florida

Patriot Call Of Action

There’s a county that was ran over by Hurricane Michael two years ago…

That town was crawling with swamp lurkers and they misused the tax money and mishandled the recovery efforts.

Half of the commission and the mayor was arrested this week as well as the accountants and lawyers connected to the local politicians. They will need a government and there should be a special election soon. I assume outsiders are welcome- would you like to help drain the swamp and move to Panama City for two years?

I want to fix the state…
-Reform Education/ Defund Indoctrination
-Rebuild the Workforce
-Grow Hemp As Far As The Eye Can See
-Bring Space Force Base to Florida
-VR Space Force Academy/Camp

If you feel the same and would like to put a horse in a special political race to help drain the swamp, I’d like to speak with you. 850-565-9333

I was there the day after the storm hit. Here’s how it was… 🌪 Look what we found in the rubble?