Election voting disaster warning ⚠️ Leon County Florida Mark Earley Mishandled Day One of Early Voting

Ballot machine malfunction on day one of early voting

Vote In Person
Vote As A Family
Vote Biblical

Democrats like Supervisor of Elections Mark Early are Cheating Already!

We voted early. It was an honor and privilege to see my name on the ballot. We went as a family.

• They DID NOT VERIFY face or signature to ID.

• Mom had to vote 4 times from paper jams.


• The guard said they verify signatures on Fridays, but why not on the spot?

Why so many problems?! This is why you can not vote by mail; do your patriotic duty and vote in person.

Remember this video?
An unpartisan position of supervisor of elections speaking at an anti-Presidential meeting?
Watch Video: https://youtu.be/YS1BtgPSmJ8

They are trying to steal the election.
What are you going to do about it?!

Call Benjamin 850-565-9333
Benjamin Alexander Thaddeus John Horbowy
Vote Aug 18