Benjamin’s Platform

Rev. Mr. Thaddeus John Horbowy and Son, Benjamin Alexander Thaddeus John Horbowy

In God We Trust + We The People + Fighting for Faith Family Freedom

  • US Army Honorable Veteran 2001-2007
  • Polish American Patriot and Anti-socialist
  • Real Republican With A Red Hat
  • Has PTSD = Pretty Tired of Stupid Democrats
  • Chapter President of Boots On The Ground Bikers For Trump 501c3
Benjamin was a meteorological crew member and provided Florida with humanitarian service during diasaster relief efforts. His second Military Operating Specialty was a logistical specialist ensuring efficient and reliable infrastructure for timely recovery. During Hurricane Micheal, Benjamin volunteered as a civilian

Benjamin Alexander Horbowy and Family Support the Following:

  • In God We Trust, America First, and the Constitution As Written!
  • Working with President Trump and Governor DeSantis to Keep America Great and to Grow A Smart Florida!
  • Our 1st and 2nd Amendment shall not be infringed
  • BUILD THAT WALL! Then build another wall to make it a tourist attraction.
  • Empower parents to parent and provide them the with tools to home school.
  • Criminal Justice Reform and Rebuilding Workforce by expunging minor infractions. We don’t have enough tradesmen working the hurricane recovery since foremen can’t hire people who have mild grass stains on their record.
  • International Tourism Development and Self-driving Transportation
  • Building Florida’s Poland/Israeli and Christian/Jewish Relations.
  • Build a military base in Poland and let’s train their Air Force in Florida.
  • Innovative educational tourism. IE Space Force Camp and Hyperloop.
  • Invite the Space Force Base to come to North Florida where we have F18, F22, & F35. We have the best place to train and operate, over the gulf.
  • Decriminalize Marijuana and triple tax international & domestic tourists while giving residents a break on our compassionate products. Free the plant!
  • Smart community gardens and growing hemp as far as the eye can see.

Benjamin Alexander Horbowy for Florida Senate District 3 2020

Let’s Flip Florida’s Largest Blue Seat to Red!

Florida’s Largest District with 11 Counties:

Calhoun, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Hamilton, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Taylor, Wakulla

Benjamin’s non-establishment win will make him the youngest and the first real republican to ever represent SD3.

He is running a national campaign for a local race to bring attention to the area. The Panhandle Needs Jesus! Tallahassee is one of the most corrupt cities in the states and they are sandbagging hurricane recovery for self interest and person gains!

Benjamin was there the day after lumber-jacking so first responders can do their jobs, worked food lines and roof tops, and drove people to the special polling stations to ensure republican victory for our state wellness.

The Storm Broke Jesus’s Heart! Post Traumatic Growth After The Worst Storm In Our History.

Post Traumatic Growth and Florida Recovery

The Florida panhandle was recently hit with the worst category 5 hurricane in our history. The local red-tape and democratic culture prevents from any recovery to happen timely! This district is the poster-child for deep state southern democrats and citizens fear the local establishment. This place is 110% democrat and we are ready for a change. Even many people in Republican Executive Committees are never-Trumpers.

We have a crony establishment problem and the #TallahasseeSwampDriner Benjamin is just the right guy for the job.

  • His American grandpa was a “cotton pickin’ cracker” from Tifton, Ga.
  • His Polish grandpa was a run-away-slave & survivor of the Holocaust.
  • His dad defected communist occupied Poland and came to the USA as political refugee in search of religious freedom in 1976.
  • Both his parents are ministers.
  • Benjamin is a U.S. veteran and force of nature born to fight socialism.

The Commies are Coming in 2020!!

Tallahassee will be a battle front. We can not risk our civil liberties by allowing a socialist or a never-Trumper RINO to win any election. America will never ever be a socialist nation. Regardless of the democratic candidate, political seat, or if it’s a local or national elected position… the option is Trump Vs Soros.

It was too close of a governor race and socialism almost won in Florida. Thankfully, Gov DeSantis won and banned sanctuary cities.

This is a spiritual battle and prayer is our strongest and best defense/offense. Voting on primary and election day is our second best option.

Benjamin’s Opponents

1 Democrat: Mafia Maddox with 44 felony accounts awaiting trial for mafia-like behavior with taxpayer’s money.

2 Democrat: Lawyer Loranne Ausley, plantation owning political family debutante from the 1800s, voted against the hurricane budget with 4 excuses but offered no solutions, nice lady every one town loves her and her Hillary Clinton haircut, she controls the media and state worker cliques, and even her own staff finds her incapable of accomplishing anything timely. Her life story is after high-school, her pah-pah said “let’s get you into politics darlin’ and no one ever voted her out, the end. She leads the race in fundraising by hundreds of thousands of dollars and her friendly klan of crony local law enforcement agencies (known for planting drugs on innocent people while drug trafficking in cop cars) protect her dearly. She has 99% chance at winning, but she underestimates my abilities and my 1% chance.

3 Race Baiting RINO Republican: Marva Preston. We don’t know much about her (very few know of her and there’s only a few photos of her online). She’s from Miami, plays the race card as her primary attraction, and recently moved here out in the country. She refuses to speak publicly about our great President Donald J. Trump, nor has she been seen supporting any of his initiatives.

Beware of Andrew Gillum and company; he is funded by Soros.

4 Libertarian: Erin Gill. Cool chick, I convinced her to run for office against me and I’m her campaign manager. If she wins, she’ll hire me and if I win, I’ll hire her. She’s a great person for the community. I’m asking more non-establishment “We The People” to run for public office to help drain the swamp and get non-establishment in office instead of this crony, deep state establishment that we have.

Why is the establishment afraid of a broke U.S.Veteran and son of a political refugee Polish immigrant living at the end of Old Bumpy Road?

Meet the young Florida senate candidate that the corrupt love to loath. Benjamin Sent This Open Linkedin Letter to all of the Florida Republican Executive Committee Members: 5 Obstacles and 7 Solutions to Make Florida Great Again

I have never heard a Johnny Cash song that I didn’t like.

Who is Benjamin Alexander Horbowy…

I am just a simple dude who enjoys biking and exploring nature. I’m the son of two ministers, I have a huge heart, frustration towards mediocrity, and passion for helping others.

I enjoy humor, for example my immigration policy is more thick chicks and less dudes! If you follow my page, I promise only two things: that I will provide you with the most unconventionally entertaining campaign and… that all your wildest dreams come true. After I run for state senate, I’m going for federal congress and I will never stop advocating for We The People.

The only special interest I have is you.

My first endorsement is a blessing on my 18th birthday by St. John Paul II, the Pride of Poland.
Someone burnt the Bishop’s seat during the same month that the bishop canceled therapy for victims of abuser priests and opened a refuge retreat center for offenders. To keep the church victim and arsonist silent, they blamed a random homeless guy who is facing 30 years for arson and can not afford a legal defense. After dad and I took this photo after the mourning mass, police escorted us out of the church since my stance against pedophilia is publicly known; my dad and I have outed several homosexual abusers.
I am fighting corruption in both church and state.

Authentic, Real, and Raw Personality

I started my political career by saying a prayer for my city. Immediately the city ethics officer called it hate speech. Then she said this video scared her enough to file an attempted injunction against me preventing me from attending town-hall meetings. Where in this video do you see hate speech?
The Trump Rally Panama City
Huge Accomplishment: Succeed in getting Julie Meadows-Keefe to resign. She was the city ethics officer who allowed socialist and crony behavior to infect our city with corruption and over 50 felony of fraud under her oversight
The last ever Rolling Thunder Over DC
Listen with an open heart, and contribute with compassion.
Please follow my page for direct email action alerts.