Swamp Drainers in the Everglades! The Florida RLC is a beacon of hope for the Florida Republican Party. How I worked for Bob White in 2018 and… the rest of the story’s

What happened between Bob and I just before the primaries that ended up a win for Florida. Lots of people ask me that.

Why did Bob have to fire me just before the primary?

(I purposefully gave him reason to) To release me from my duty to him as the guy in 3rd so I could work for the guy in 2nd to win the election 🗳 Scroll down for the the rest of the story… long story short. Victory was Florida’s!

Tallahassee Online: DeSantis gains momentum over Putnam as many unanswered questions surface

FLORIDA | Race for the Florida Governor Seat.

Just before the 4th of July holiday week, politicans are working overtime. Grandpa said that the three ring circus comes to town with the political campaigns every two years with the full dog and pony show.

However, this year… we only got a two ring circus. Even though there’s eight candidates with a solid 3rd place candidate who has the competence to hold the office, the media is censoring our votes and selecting only two candidates to feature in debates. If Florida really wants to inform themselves with the options of candidates, be fair to themselves and check out the candidate Bob White BobForFlorida.com also.

ORLANDO June 28, 2018

The Governor debate at the Sunshine Summit in Orlando last week featured Adam Putnam vs Ron DeSantis; DeSantis left the debate with massive momentum in his favor. He is running a clean campaign without any scandal and has the endorsement of President Trump. Meanwhile boos and thumbs down was surrounding Putnam’s campaign.

TAMPA July 2, 2018

Sean Hannity used his clout to influence the I4 corridor with support of DeSantis. Congressmen Matt Gaetz opened for the speakers and rallied the crowd with lots of energy. For video of his speech Check out this link

A few unanswered questions

I overheard these questions in the audience about Putnam:

  1. What’s his relationship with big sugar?
  2. What was the benefit of spending a billion of state funds on a drone program tracking down what he called an invasive plant?
  3. Why was he voting with Pelosi?
  4. Why does he oppose termlimits.org?
  5. How many criminal invaders, illegal aliens, or undocumented foreigners did he get in trouble for hiring on the Putnam family plantation in Polk county?
  6. What’s up with all the cops… did he really say he was pro maximum sentencing?
  7. Why did he whip votes against e-verify?
  8. Are the sheriff associations supporting him because of his larger government agenda?

#8sEnough TermLimits.org

🍒 As a cherry on top, the day of the debate, the #Sayfie Review emailed out headlines of sexual accusations coming of within the Putnam camp.

Not many have the courage to ask these questions… and when I asked them to his campaign, I got a cold silent look with no answers.

My name is Benjamin Alexander, my friends call me Benito and I’m #DownWithTheRLC

Choose wisely, Florida. To follow my travels on the Florida Governor campaign, follow my Facebook or Twitter.

Meet my dad, Ted.

Who said being republican can’t be cool?! 😎 Check out this cool crew who showed up to the #SunshineSummit like dons with a posse of other dons. Shoutout to Teens for America First, Jacob Scott, Joshua Scott and Jonah Scott & photo credit Wayne Scott 👍

The rest of the story

Public Statement Letter of Forgiveness

I was Bob White’s, Republican Liberty Caucus of Florida Chairman’s field team leader last year and many of you saw me on the trail. When it came time to throw our support behind Governor Ron DeSantis to ensure the victory, Mr. White and I differed in opinion. Two alpha bulls don’t do well in the same pasture.

I cost him all those “precious Muslim votes” what are you saying on Facebook that Islam is to humanity as rabies is to a dog. Truth talker. Within 5 minutes, he fired me lol.

I’ll never forget the kind words he told me after he fired me (which allowed me freedom to advocate for Mr. DeSantis and clinch the victory for the republicans… it was close)… he said, “Benjamin, let me shake your hand. You are a true liberty patriot and did some fine good work. Thank you. We’ll met again”.

It’s lent and Friday and we finally are on speaking terms. The fact is, I have the most respect for him as he was a wonderful mentor… even coming down to firing me was good leadership on his behalf. No I won’t take the words back, because I meant them, but I learned from that lesson… freedom of speech is for the self employed. Now I am apart of a much larger organization of the strong patriots in the country and one of their youngest presidents. I don’t speak as a lone wolf anymore.

Mr. Bob White, we have your back!

Benito, the Tallahassee Swamp Drainer

US Veteran, Chapter President of Boots on the Ground Florida Capital Bikers For Trump

PS, I’ll see you at the RLCFL 2019 Lobby Days, RLC Florida Liberty Lobby Days and Legislative Reception

Call me to meet up 850-565-9333 I’m your Tallahassee Connect

Moving Forward

I joined the Texas RLC

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Standing our Ground Florida 2020