What is SmartFlorida.org? We are community advocates with a media plan.

smartflorida bannerSmartFlorida.org is based in Capitola, Tallahassee Florida. This is a community start-up launching in Q1/2019 lead by “Benito” Benjamin Alexander of BenitoConnects.com CEO@SmartGreenIndustries.com. Our goal is promote good things that are healthy and smart for Florida… that’s all.

We listen to the community of Florida with an open heart and contribute with compassion when called. Benito has many groups, lists, and communities his message is embedded in. Currently, December 14, 2018 this is a one man band with limited funds for this project. However, from my exposure with MangroveRootsMedia.com, I know there’s a true need for boutique media outlets in Florida and advocates within the community.

If you want to help the cause, we are looking for board members, investors, and community advocates.

Q1 Media Plan:

Be a staple in the capital building during session, interview on video spokespeople of numerous groups who are visiting Tallahassee, run featured written articles syndicated to news networks, and help spotlight those who are helping the cause of liberty, community, and commerce.

I live in Tallahassee in Capitola on Old Bumpy Road east of town and am open for conversation 727-249-2272. If you have a great idea that’s good for Florida, he’d love to hear about it Submit Your Solution

I like to make short and sweet videos that educate as well as entertain. 


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